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Florida Teen Arrested For Alleged Murder Of Desert Storm Vet

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A Florida teen has been arrested in connection to the murder of a beloved grandmother and U.S. Desert Storm veteran.

Florida Teen Arrested For Alleged Murder Of Desert Storm Vet

According to People Magazine, a 15-year-old teenager from Florida has been arrested and charged for their connection to the murder of 61-year-old Angela Sutton Washington. Some outlets are choosing not to identify the young man because of his age. His identity, however, has been made public knowledge.

The Orlando Police Department stated in an official press release regarding the arrest: “Through the relentless efforts of our Homicide Detectives along with cooperation from the community and Crimeline a suspect has been captured.”

According to a report from FOX 35, the arrest of this Florida teen comes a little over four months after Angela Sutton Washington was fatally shot outside of a convenience store near her home.

Speaking to WFTV-9, Angela Sutton Washington’s son, Fernando, admits it’s been “quite difficult” trying to adjust to the fact that his mother is gone. While he found some comfort in the suspect being arrested, he admits there’s still no real closure to the tragic happening.

(I’m) relieved, but there’s still no closure… You’ve got to face your consequences. Every choice has a consequence. You chose to do what you did. You’ve got to face the consequences of your actions. I wish you would’ve chosen something else to do.

Based on his statement, it sounds as though the family may not see any real closure until Angela Sutton Washington’s murderer is convicted.

Police Do Not Believe It Was A Targeted Attack

Speaking to WFTV-9authorities investigating the murder of the U.S. Desert Storm veteran state that they have no reason to believe she was a targeted victim.

Orlando Police Department homicide detective Barb Sharp described the murder of Angela Sutton Washington as a “senseless crime” and the devastating loss of a valued member of the community.

She was simply stopping at the convenience store on the way home to pick something up and was shot and killed.

The statement goes on to reveal: “It is our belief at this time that Angela Sutton Washington was not the intended target. Multiple individuals were in the shopping plaza at the time of this incident, and we need them to come forward.”

Multiple outlets confirm she served in Operation Desert Storm.

When cops discovered Washington, she was lying down on the sidewalk. Attempts to save her life were made, but she tragically succumbed to her injuries.


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