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‘Sister Wives’ Season 18: Christine & Kody Brown Battle For Truely

Michael Malley

One key focus point for Season 18 of Sister Wives will involve Kody Brown and his ex-wife Christine going to war over custody of their daughter, Truely.

Sister Wives fans watched heartbreaking events play out in the plural family last season. Kody Brown failed the give his wives the love and care they deserve, resulting in three of them leaving. Kody also failed to improve his relationships with some of his kids last season. However, he showed frustration when Christine decided to leave and asked for custody of Truely. But, it seems that Christine is not having it as Kody barely showed that he cares about their daughter. Now, an insider is claiming that Kody and Christine will continue to battle for Truely’s custody next season.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown & Kody Brown To Battle For Truely’s Custody Next Season?

According to an insider close to the Brown family, Sister Wives stars Christine Brown and Kody Brown will continue with their battle for custody over Truely Brown next season. The insider also claimed that an arrangement regarding custody may play out. Fans also think Christine talked to Kody regarding the custody when she traveled back to Flagstaff several months ago. At this point, there is still no confirmation on when Season 18 will premiere. But, Paedon Brown previously claimed it will happen in September of this year.

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Kody Still Spends Time With Daughter

The insider close to the Brown family also claimed that Sister Wives star Kody Brown is still in touch with his daughter, Truely Brown. According to the insider, Kody hasn’t lost touch with his daughter. He’s been a part of Truely’s life and even when they only meet once a month. The insider also revealed that Kody has been video-calling Truely every once in a while. And, he’s doing what he can to stay connected to her.

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Sister Wives: What Will Christine Brown & David Woolley Do?

Sister Wives star Christine Brown has yet to share her thoughts about Kody Brown’s desire to have custody over Truely. But fans believe that the two will end up with an agreement that will benefit all of them. Fans are also curious about what David Woolley thinks about it. But, many believe that he’ll leave the issue to the legitimate parents of Truely.

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Christine and David have been busy preparing for their upcoming wedding as well. It’s unclear if TLC will document the big day of the couple. But many believe that it would blow up if it’s going to be released as a special episode.

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