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‘Sister Wives’: How Often Kody Sees Truely After Asking For Custody?

Sister Wives fans have been calling out Kody Brown for his lack of effort when it comes to his kids. Fans also believe that Kody hasn’t fulfilled his role to many of them due to his favoritism. According to some, Kody has made multiple decisions that only benefit Robyn Brown and her kids. Many were also surprised when Kody asked for 50/50 custody over Truely Brown when Christine Brown decided to leave. Now, fans are curious about how Kody often sees Truely today after asking for such custody.

Sister Wives: How Kody Brown Often Sees Truely Brown After Asking For Custody?

Sister Wives fans from Reddit shared their thoughts on how Kody Brown often sees his daughter Truely Brown since his split with Christine Brown. Apparently, Kody asked Christine for 50/50 custody over Truely before they left Flagstaff. However, it seems that things didn’t work out for Kody. Fans also assume that Kody is no longer making any effort for Truely since Christine’s departure, which completely contradicts his sincerity of wanting to be with her. “Kody doesn’t even see the older kids that still live in flag. so I’m going with next to never for Truely,” one person said. “I’d be surprised if he’s even taken time to video chat with her,” another person added.

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Kody & Truely Only Meet When Filming?

Sister Wives fans also think Kody Brown and Truely Brown only interact when they’re filming. According to some, the awkward scene between Kody and Truely having a hard time talking to each other is a clear indication that they don’t interact a lot behind the cameras. Viewers also felt sad seeing Truely having almost no emotion and leaving her father, showing that they barely had any relationship.

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Sister Wives: Fans Think Truely Brown Already Loves Her ‘Stepfather’

Sister Wives fans are glad that Truely Brown now has an acting father amid Kody Brown’s absence. Apparently, Christine Brown revealed that her new boyfriend, David Woolley, has been so nice to Truely. She also revealed that the two already have a strong bond. Some are also hoping that David will continue to build good relationships with the other kids.

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Nevertheless, fans are glad that Christine has all the support of her kids when it comes to David. Fans are also hoping that TLC will give Christine a spinoff show where she can share her happy life with David. Even without one, it would be great to see their romance unfold on television. Would you like to see how their love story began? Let us know in the comments below.

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