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‘Sister Wives’: Kody Won’t Get Any Of Janelle’s Paycheck In Season 18?

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Sister Wives star Janelle Brown loves to share the progress of her diet journey. Most of the time, Janelle shares healthy recipes as well as her workout routines. Janelle has been doubling her efforts to lose weight since leaving Kody Brown. Many also noticed that she’s been glowing a lot lately. Janelle also made headlines after Paedon Brown teased that she will be the main focus on Season 18. Now, reports claim that Kody won’t get any of Janelle’s paycheck for the possible new season.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Won’t Get Any Of Janelle Brown’s Paycheck In Season 18?

Sister Wives fans from Reddit shared their thoughts on the possibility that Janelle Brown will have a separate paycheck from Kody Brown in Season 18. Apparently, Kody used to have a share of the wives’ earnings during their past seasons. Yet, it seems that things will be a lot different this time after Kody called it quits with Janelle. Fans also think it’s a hint that Janelle and Kody will not get along well in the possible new season. At this point, Janelle has yet to confirm the rumors about the new season and her separate paycheck. But fans are interested to see how Kody and Robyn Brown will function without the support of the three wives.

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Kody Continues To Live Expensively Despite Financial Struggles

Sister Wives fans are also puzzled that Kody Brown is still living expensively despite his financial struggles. Apparently, Kody and Robyn Brown are still being spotted in expensive stores. They were also spotted in Las Vegas recently looking so happy together. However, reports claimed that Kody has been missing his property taxes and is actually planning to downsize.

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Sister Wives:  What Will Be Janelle Brown’s Storyline?

Sister Wives fans are curious about Janelle Brown’s storyline in the rumored new season. According to Paedon Brown, it’s going to be “Janelle’s season,” creating several speculations including the possibility that Janelle may expose Kody once and for all. Fans also think TLC will document how Kody and Janelle came up with the decision to call it quits.

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Photo Credit: @janellebrown117 Instagram

It’s clear to see that a lot of things have changed since Season 17. Christine Brown also shocked the world after revealing her new beau, David Woolley. Will TLC give the new couple a spinoff? That is yet to be seen but hopefully, their relationship will be a focal point for the upcoming year.

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