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‘Counting On’: Jinger Duggar’s Number Of Interviews Surprises Fans

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Counting On star Jinger Duggar has been sharing updates about her book, Becoming Free Indeed. Most of the time, Jinger shares positive reviews about her book. She also loves to share the interviews she had regarding Becoming Free Indeed. It’s clear to see that Jinger’s latest book was a big success. Many are also hoping that the book’s message will finally reach Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. Now, Jinger is back to share another update for the fans. This time, she is surprising fans after sharing the number of interviews she already had regarding her book.

Counting On: Jinger Duggar’s Number Of Interviews Surprises Fans

In a social media postCounting On star Jinger Duggar shared a clip of herself talking about the number of interviews she already had regarding Becoming Free Indeed. According to Jinger, she just finished her 53rd interview for her book. “The last couple of months have been a wild ride and I’ve loved it!” she added. Jinger also took the opportunity to give shout-outs to the people who interviewed her.

Counting On Jinger Duggar Instagram
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However, Jinger revealed that her favorite interview is coming soon as gets to answer questions from the fans. Jinger also revealed that it will be held on her YouTube channel and fans can now send her different types of questions. Jinger has yet to share when will the livestream happen due to their tight schedule with the kids. However, fans assume that it may happen this month.

Will Jim Bob & Michelle Finally Give It A Shot?

At this point, Counting On stars Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have yet to share if they already read Jinger Duggar’s latest book. Yet, with the book’s popularity, fans assume that Jim Bob and Michelle already know its message. Becoming Free Indeed talks about the harmful ideology of the IBLP. It also exposes the cult-like teachings of Bill Gothard. There are speculations that Jim Bob and Michelle are upset about the book. But fans believe that some of the Duggar kids were inspired by its message.

Jim Bob Michelle Jinger Jeremy Instagram
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Counting On: Will Jinger Duggar Write Another Book?

It’s clear to see that Becoming Free Indeed was a big success. At this point, Counting On star Jinger Duggar has yet to share if she’s going to write another book. But it seems that she’s still focusing on promoting her current oneFans also think Jinger will focus more on her kids’ education next as they get bigger. On the other hand, it seems that Jeremy Vuolo will continue pursuing a career in indoor football while also serving in their church.

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Jinger has been one of the most successful daughters of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar today. Fans also believe that Jinger has become an inspiration to some of her siblings to live their best lives to the fullest without following the strict and questionable teachings of the IBLP. Do you think she is inspiring her siblings to make changes? Let us know your thoughts.

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