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Entertainment Chronicle’s Top 5 Horror Films Of 2022

Horror in 2022 had something for all types of genre fans. From psychological thrills to action-packed monster kills and every weird, disturbing thing in between. It also saw many of the best directors in the history of the genre make fantastic returns with their newest contributions. Without further ado, these are the top 5 horror films of 2022.

#5 – Bodies, Bodies, Bodies

bodies bodies bodies cast poster

Bodies, Bodies, Bodies incredibly balances the lines between horror, comedy, and murder-mystery in a way that makes it feel like few other films. In terms of horror, it manages suspense and curious terror in near-complete darkness for most of the movie. For its comedy, it plays around between poking fun at Gen-Z and the dark humor of death and fear. And like any good murder mystery, it keeps you consistently guessing at who really did it until the very last moment. It’s exactly what you would want from a movie that promises a cross of these three genres.

#4 – Crimes Of The Future

crimes of the future viggo mortensen kristen stewart

David Cronenberg makes a rare return to horror as possibly the first director to ever produce a remake of his own work. The fact that this is Cronenberg’s second Crimes Of The Future makes it feel like a necessary update to the original where he felt there was unfinished business. It stands out as one of 2022’s strangest films, with no shortage of moments that will scar your eyelids. What else would you expect from a Cronenberg horror? It’s led by some amazing, and surprising performances from a cast list of stars.

#3 – Nope

nope steven yeun jordan peele

Every time Jordan Peele comes back with a new horror film he commands the attention of all. Nope is no exception to that. Plus, it’s further proof of why Peele deserves our attention every time he asks for it. Once again, Peele combines a left-field concept with humor, tension, and a setting that fits like a glove. Combine all of that with one of the best casts of any film that came out this year, horror or otherwise, and this is far from the first time you’ve heard that you should see Nope.

#2 – The Black Phone

the black phone ethan hawke

Joe Hill, like his father Stephen King, just knows how to write a story about children facing down unspeakable fears. The Black Phone is just that. If you’ve been itching for a new King-Esque film along the lines of IT or Christine then you should see this. It’s scarier than a lot of the films on this list just by the nature of its story about child abduction. But the reason it lands so high on the list goes beyond that. What reels you in is the motivations behind everyone around the main character.

#1 – Bones and All

bones and all timothee chalamet

Bones and All is the best sleeper-hit in horror for 2022. It’s maybe understandable why the movie flew under the radar. Many find it tough to stomach the “cannibal love story” premise of the film. But it truly is fantastic for so many reasons aside from its gore. The acting, direction, and story all feel so natural here that you can truly get lost within this cannibal-ridden version of America they’ve created. In the end, Bones and All isn’t about cannibalism so much as it is about the things our parents pass on to us. Plus, the ways we try to deal with that. In that way, this movie is beautiful and will certainly touch any who are down for all the blood.

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