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‘Nope’ Movie Review: Jordan Peele Cements His Horror Legacy

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Jordan Peele went from one of the biggest faces in comedy to a horror icon almost overnight. First, his film Get Out made waves around the world. Then his film Us held a similar level of praise and notoriety in 2019. So it’s no surprise that the hype level for his newest film Nope has been nothing short of highly lofty. The trailers for this film were as mysterious as they were enticing. So everyone’s been wanting to see what this movie is really about. Does Jordan Peele continue his spine-chilling hot streak with Nope, or do we see his first directorial fumble here?

To Tame A Wild Animal

nope movie 2022 keke palmer
Keke Palmer as one of the lead roles in ‘Nope’

Nope may not be exactly what you’re expecting, and that’s intentional. The trailer is left vague and mysterious, which leaves a lot to the imagination. It’s a nice reprieve from the trend of modern trailers letting you know 90% of a movie’s plot in 2 minutes. There’s a legitimate mystique around Nope. That mystique won’t last long, of course, as more and more people rush to see the movie and talk about their thoughts on the internet. But for what it’s worth, this review will be spoiler-free to allow you to go into theaters with your sense of wonder intact.

The one hint at this movie’s true purpose in this review will be this: Nope is a cautionary tale about the relationship between humans and animals. It explores not only what can happen when we bring wild animals out of their natural environments, but also what can happen when we push even a domesticated animal past its limits. The film’s ultimate message is that animals are animals at the end of the day, and we need to respect them as such. To that end, it does a wonderful job exploring this concept. And it does so in ways that likely won’t be fully clear to the viewer until near the end.

All of the lead actors in this film give great performances. Keke Palmer stands out as someone who elevates this movie purely through her energy and sense of humor. Daniel Kaluuya is more subdued and lowkey, intentionally so, and does a good job being an appealing character in spite of his stoic nature.

Final Score For Nope

Without a doubt, Nope is a must-see for horror fans looking for a scare this summer. It won’t keep you up at night or leave you on the edge of your seat in terror. But that’s not really the scary effect this movie is going for. The pacing can feel strange at times, and the ending climax feels a little forced. But where Peele always stands out is in his unique concepts and impressive directorial work. And all of that is here in spades.

The final score for Nope: 8 out of 10.

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