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‘Sister Wives’: Meri Wants To Keep On Trying Amid Struggles With Kody

Sister Wives star Meri Brown has been keeping in touch with the fans lately. Most of the time, Meri shares updates about her B&B and her strong partnership with LuLaRoe. Meri even took to social media recently to share her recent party with some of her business partners. It’s clear to see that Meri is living her best life despite Kody Brown’s absence. Meri has also become an inspiration to many due to her dedication to working hard. Now, Meri is back to share another update for the fans. However, this time, Meri talks about keeping things going in life amid her struggles with Kody.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Wants To Keep On Trying Amid Struggles With Kody Brown

In a social media post, Sister Wives star Meri Brown shared a quote that talks about never giving up. “Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all,” Meri said. It seems that Meri wants to apply the quote to her life. Apparently, Meri has never shown signs of giving up in the plural family. Fans have also seen her trying her best to restore things with Kody Brown despite getting rejected over and over again. Due to this, fans are hoping that Meri’s efforts will finally come to fruition soon and reignite the long-lost love between her and Kody.

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Meri Talks About Courage

Sister Wives star Meri Brown also took to social media to share a quote that talks about courage. “Courage is risking the known for the unknown, the familiar for the unfamiliar,” Meri said. It seems that Meri is talking about risking it all despite not knowing what the results would be, which is what she’s been doing over the past few years with Kody Brown. Apparently, fans have seen Meri trying different things to try and win back Kody’s heart. It also appears that she’s also applying the quote to her businesses. It’s known that Meri has been successful when it comes to her B&B. Fans are also impressed by her dedication to LuLaRoe despite the company’s controversies throughout the years.

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Sister Wives: Meri Brown Opens Up About Her Mentor

Aside from her motivational quotes, Sister Wives star Meri Brown also took to social media to open up about her mentor. According to Meri, it’s been a huge honor for her to become a friend of Danelle Delgado. “Over the past year I’ve had the great honor of learning from her, being mentored by her, and becoming her friend, for which I am forever grateful,” Meri said. After that, Meri said that Danelle has helped her become who she is today. “I’m ready to kick some things into high gear. I’m ready to dream big and create fearlessly,” she added.

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It’s clear to see that Meri is becoming a stronger person despite Kody’s absence. Meanwhile, fans are hoping that Kody will finally see her efforts and make it up to her.

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