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’90 Day Fiance’: Annie Suwan Shares Stunning Vacation Pics

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90 Day Fiance stars Annie Suwan and David Toborowsky have been living their best lives as a married couple. Their growing popularity also resulted in TLC giving them spinoffs Spice It Up with David and Annie and David & Annie: After the 90 Days. It’s clear to see that David and Annie have been one of the most successful TLC couples today. Now, Annie took to social media to share what she and David have been up to lately.

90 Day Fiance: Annie Suwan Shares Stunning Pictures With David In Latest Vacation

In a social media post, 90 Day Fiance star Annie Suwan shared pictures from her recent vacation in Nepal with David Toborowsky. “Beautiful trip with Beautiful people. Nepal is Amazing place,” Annie captioned. It’s clear to see that Annie and David are having a blast in Nepal.

Fans also took to David and Annie’s comment section to talk about their strong relationship and cheer for them. “You are one of my best couples you both have come so far in your growth,” one fan said. “You two kids have come a long way from living in a storage space apt. to traveling the world! Love you both, enjoy and be safe,” another fan added.

90 Day Fiance Annie Suwan David Toborowsky Instagram
Photo Credit: @annie_suwan_toborowsky Instagram

Annie’s Success With Her Clothing Business

Aside from traveling, 90 Day Fiance star Annie Suwan has been busy with her clothing business as well. It also appears that she’s been successful lately. Apparently, David has been sharing clips of them delivering tons of dresses to customers. Fans are also glad that Annie found a way to make a huge income aside from TLC. Meanwhile, fans have been praising David for his never-ending support of his wife. Fans also think that the two will continue to become successful due to their positivity in life.

David Annie Instagram
Photo Credit: @toborowsky_david Instagram

90 Day Fiance: Annie & David’s Spinoffs

At this point, 90 Day Fiance stars Annie Suwan and David Toborowsky are currently on a break after all their TLC spinoffs. However, fans are already speculating that the two will continue to be in the franchise for many years. Apparently, fans have been in love with David and Annie. Due to this, fans think that TLC won’t miss the opportunity to give the couple more spinoffs to get tons of viewers.

90 Day Fiance David Annie Instagram
Photo Credit: @annie_suwan_toborowsky Instagram

It’s clear to see that Annie and David are living their best lives. Fans can also expect that the two will continue to travel the world together.

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