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Delphi Murders: Investigative Transcripts Released To The Public

Nikole Behrens

Is there another break in the Delphi murders investigation? Newly released transcripts have the internet buzzing. Keep reading to learn more about the situation.

New investigative transcripts regarding the Delphi murders emerge

We just passed the fifth anniversary of the murders in February and the public wants answers. Indianapolis station WISH gained access to the transcripts in question. According to the news outlet, true crime podcast Murder Sheet originally gained access to the transcripts after following the case for years.

We know for certain the interview depicted in the transcripts took place on August 19, 2020. Authorities apprehended Kegan Kline on charges related to child pornography.

During the interview, Kline admitted to using a catfish account on Snapchat to get the illegal material. The account name is “anthony_shots.” If you follow the Delphi murders case, then you’re probably familiar with this account name.

The transcripts also reveal that Kline did have contact with Delphi murder victim Libby German at one point.

“You admitted that you talked to her for a few hours at a sleepover and then you blocked her because she was annoying. You remember that?” an investigator asks Kline.

“You’re right yeah,” Kline replies.

However, Kline denied exchanging photos and messages with German.

Could authorities make an arrest soon?

At one point, a state police detective says, “I’m telling you it’s fact you did, okay. Because the ‘anthony_shots’ persona that uh, the fake account you umm admitted to making communicated with Liberty German, on Snapchat umm on Instagram, and like I said it was not just for a couple hours.”

WISH notes that the investigators later tell Kline about the day Liberty German and Abigail Williams disappeared. It’s clear authorities are doing their best to get accurate information out of Kline. But he denies committing the Delphi murders that haunt the public to this day.

At this time, Kegan Kline hasn’t been charged with the Delphi murders and neither has anybody else. But as time goes on, we’ll hopefully get more answers and know what happened to Abby and Libby.

Kelsi German/Instagram

Indiana State Police Superintendent Doug Carter said in February that he has a lot of hope for solving the case.

“Three years, two years 11 months,” Carter told Indianapolis station WRTV. “It could be today. We continue to move in a positive direction.”

Carter firmly believes that it’s only a matter of time until they arrest the responsible party.

Of course, ISP knows more about the case than the general public does. It’s entirely possible that they’re closer to making an arrest than any of us know. Until then, we’ll have to keep monitoring the situation as new developments come out.

Keep following us online for the latest on the Delphi murders. We’ll be here to keep you filled in.


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