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Kelsi German Recalls The Last Moments She Shared With Her Sister Libby

Kelsi German is now 21, but she was only 17-years-old when she tragically lost her sister. Libby German and her best friend Abby Williams were killed in February 2017. Their murders unfortunately remained unsolved.

It is widely believed that Kelsi German may possibly be one of the last people to see the girls alive. She recently told The Sun about the thoughts going through her mind as she dropped the girls off at the trail the day where they met their untimely demise.

Kelsi German reflects on her final moments with her sister Libby

The girls had the day off from school on February 13, 2017. Since it was a nice day out, Libby and Abby wanted to go explore the local trails and asked Kelsi to take them. Kelsi initially said no because she had plans with her boyfriend. However, she changed her mind and agreed to take them.

“At the time I just didn’t feel as though I’d been taking her enough places or spending as much time together as we should so eventually I agreed if she could find someone else to pick her up again,” Kelsi told The Sun. “And then a little while later, she came back and said, ‘Okay, dad will come pick us up if you’ll drop us off.”

Kelsi German/Instagram

The older girl dropped Libby and Abby off at the trailhead around 1:35 PM that day. She told them she loved them as they left her vehicle.

“My family has always been really big on making sure you tell everybody that you love them and goodbye each time you hang up the phone or leave the house. We’ve always said, ‘goodbye, I love you and I’ll see you later.’ I remember making sure they had their sweatshirts,” Kelsi continued. “I told her I loved her and she said it back, just like any other time we were leaving each other.”

That was the last time anyone saw the girls alive. That was nearly five years ago and the public still seems to have more questions than answers.

The memories are still really fresh in everyone’s mind

Kelsi German really struggles with survivor’s guilt to this day.

“Every time something new happens [in the case] I have to relive those moments,” Kelsi told The Sun. “I think you learn a lot about yourself when something like this happens. When I look back on it I just now try not to feel guilty about what happened, or what I could’ve done differently. I think survivor guilt is a real thing and it’s so difficult to leap over. Every time something happens to you, it strikes you again.”

She went on to say that she knows there wasn’t anything she could have done differently, but it’s something she still ponders often.

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