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Delphi Murders: Why Did Libby German Decide To Film The Killer?

Nikole Behrens

If you’re familiar with the infamous Delphi Murders, you probably know that victim Libby German managed to capture her killer on film. No one is certain why the teen chose to film him, but investigators feel very thankful she did. We may not have any concrete answers about the killer yet, but Libby’s brave move really helped.

Now, Libby’s older sister Kelsi says she believes she knows why Libby filmed him. Read on for more.

The public praises Libby German for her brave decision

Kelsi German is 21 today, but the Delphi Murders still lives fresh in her mind as if it happened yesterday. In February 2022, we’ll pass the fifth anniversary of the terrible tragedy that took Libby German and her best friend Abby Williams from the world.

While hunting for clues, authorities uncovered video evidence on a cellphone belonging to Libby German. The video features a man shuffling towards the girls on the bridge. The public dubbed the man as the “bridge guy.” There are still many unanswered questions, but it’s generally believed “bridge guy” is responsible for the crime.

Kelsi German/Instagram

“I’m tremendously proud of her,” Kelsi told The Sun. “I don’t think she imagined at the time it would be such a big thing. I think she was just taking a video to show us later and say, ‘Hey, look at this really weird guy that was at the bridge earlier and this is what he looked like.’ But the fact that she did take that video and she thought something wasn’t right and she had to take it – it just amazes me. It just amazes me that she was able to think of that at that moment.”

“I think that’s one thing that intrigues people [about the case] to continue to look at it,” she added.

Is the “bridge guy” hiding among us?

In the meantime, Kelsi German and the rest of the family try to live life to the best of their abilities. The 21-year-old admits she listens to the clip of the “bridge guy” often, hoping to jog her memory. She hopes to recognize his voice someday.

Bridge Guy/Indiana State Police

But what scares her the most is that the killer could be hiding in plain sight.

“I think this person could be anyone,” Kelsi told The Sun. “Obviously at this point, it could have been somebody else I was familiar with at one point in my life. Maybe I just met him at Dairy Queen where I was at work one day and he came in and ordered a chocolate milkshake but I haven’t remembered his voice yet for whatever reason. I could have met him, but we don’t know and we don’t know that it didn’t happen either, which is terrifying.

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