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‘Counting On’: How Much Has Jim Bob Spent For Josh’s Defense?

Counting On fans have seen how wealthy Jim Bob Duggar is. Apparently, Jim Bob owns multiple properties due to his successful real estate business. However, despite Jim Bob’s success, he’s still facing so many controversies, especially with the child porn arrest of his son, Josh Duggar. According to reports, Jim Bob has been helping Josh by funding his defense. Now, fans took Reddit to discuss how much Jim Bob has spent on his son’s case.

Counting On: How Much Has Jim Bob Spent For Josh Duggar’s Defense?

Counting On fans have been speculating how much Jim Bob Duggar has spent for Josh Duggar’s defense. Apparently, there are reports stating that Jim Bob has been funding Josh’s defense, which also makes a lot of fans upset. Some even took Reddit to share their theories about how much Jim Bob has already paid to help his son. According to some, Jim Bob has already released half a million dollars on Josh’s defense. However, some are not having it and say that it can’t be that expensive. Meanwhile, others believe that Jim Bob will do everything he can to free his son as things could get worse.

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Fans Speculate Why Jim Bob Wants To Help Josh

Aside from how much he has already spent, Counting On fans from Reddit also speculated the reason behind why Jim Bob Duggar has been helping Josh Duggar. According to some, Josh knows a lot of Jim Bob’s dark secrets and the family is afraid that he’d try to expose it if he gets imprisoned. “That’s why I think Josh knows some of JB’s secrets which is why JB is willing to put so much money on the line for him,” one person said. “Josh knows way too much and has zero self-control. He’s a loose cannon and they need him firing from their side, not at it,” another person added.

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Counting On: Josh Duggar’s Trials Gets Closer

Counting On fans have been keeping their eyes close to the Duggars since Josh Duggar’s child porn arrest. Apparently, things have been silent inside the family when it comes to Josh. Some also think that Jim Bob Duggar has been trying his best to distract the fans by sharing updates about his family online. However, it seems that distractions are no longer working as Josh’s trial gets closer. According to reports, Josh’s trial will be held on November 30 at the Fayetteville District Court.

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Josh could be fined up to $250,000 if he’s convicted. It’s also reported that he could face up to 20 years in prison. There are also reports stating that the prosecutors want to open his past molestation case which could make his sentence much worse.

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