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Melissa McCarthy Shimmies With Muscular Homosexual Unicorn On Instagram

Melissa McCarthy has no problem making herself look silly on social media. This famous comedienne knows everyone needs a good laugh. Today, Melissa was spotted on Instagram shimmying with a fluffy, muscular, homosexual unicorn. Has the former Gilmore Girls actress lost her mind? Read on to get all the details.

Melissa McCarthy Celebrates National Coming Out Day

Comedienne, Melissa McCarthy took to Instagram today to celebrate National Coming Out Day. Melissa has always been vocal about her alliance with the LGBTQ+ community and wanted to take the opportunity to celebrate the day along with many of her devoted fans.

This particular holiday serves as a warm welcome to young people into the LGBTQ+ community as they come into their own and make the decision to reveal themselves to others. On the flip side, it’s also a day to recognize the hardship, struggle, and obstacles that many queer people experience when they decide it’s time to come out into the world as themselves. It’s a day for the community to hug its newest members and to say to those who are waiting for their time – that they are not alone.

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In the spirit of this colorful day of pride, Melissa had a special message for her fans.

A Comedienne, Some Flags and a Flaming Unicorn

In her video, Melissa stands in front of a backdrop of lush greenery. She is wearing a black graphic t-shirt and a cozy black cardigan. The celeb wore her hair in messy, Leia-inspired, pom-buns on either side of her head. In each bun, she wore a tiny pride flag on a stick.

As the flags fluttered in the breeze, Melissa pulls a muscle ‘ripped stuff unicorn from off-screen and holds it up to the camera. The stuffed animal has a massive set of abs, beefy, broad shoulders, and a rainbow-colored mane and tail. “My friend and I just wanted to say… Happy Coming Out Day,” the actress shouts happily. Then out of nowhere, the iconic Diana Ross hit ‘I’m Coming Out’ starts playing. Melissa and ‘her friend’ begin to dance and bop on camera in celebration of the holiday.

A Long-Standing Ally

Melissa McCarty has been an outspoken ally for the queer community for many years. Her humanitarian efforts have touched the lives of millions. The actress has a very ‘come as you are’ attitude and knows she herself isn’t perfect.

Just last year, the Identity Theft actress paired up with HBO MAX for their charity event ’20 days of Kindness.’ The program pledged to donate $20k to a “different good cause daily,” for 20 days. The organizers and Melissa also reached out to audiences through social media and television to encourage others to donate their time and funds also.

Unfortunately, there was a flub on the part of the planners. When the list of selected charities came out – one of them just didn’t belong. The program had accidentally selected a charity that didn’t represent its values. While on the surface their ‘mission statement’ seemed worthy – the charity was actually a super conservative group that was active in protesting abortion and described homosexual marriage as an ‘ unspeakable offense to God.’

Horrified by the oversight, Melissa took to social media that same day and thanked those who had taken the time to point out the mistake. In a heartfelt apology, the actress admitted that they had messed up. They took ownership of the oversight and revealed that they had immediately removed that charity from their list. The celeb revealed that the extremist charity ‘stands for everything we do not,’ and so they swiftly removed them from the program.

So, How did you celebrate #NationalComingOutDay? Tag us on Twitter @entertainchron and let us know!

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