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Dua Lipa Throws It Back On This ‘Elite’ Actor – Is She Finally Over Anwar Hadid?

Nikki Desrosiers

After performing to a sold-out arena in Madrid on Friday, pop sensation Dua Lipa decided to let loose and enjoy some of the local nightlife. The singer was caught on camera shimmying against a well-known international celebrity. Who was dua dancing with? Is Dua on the rebound? Is she finally over her ex? Read on to get the details.

Dua Lipa Steps Out In Madrid

After a stellar high-energy performance on stage in the WiZink Center, Dua Lipa opted to let her hair down and enjoy a night out on the town. Late Friday night, the singer was spotted dancing her heart out in a Madrid nightclub.

While she was there, fans who recognized the songstress captured her on video, sensually dancing against a male cohort who stood behind her. The videos quickly appeared on social media. Now, fans have many questions about the vibrant Lebanese pop star.

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

Dua Lipa Has ‘Elite’ Tastes In Men

So, who was the lucky male cohort that Dua was throwing it back on in the Madrid Red Light club? Fans of the international hit Spanish language young adult drama ‘Elite’ will recognize Dua’s dance partner as the one and only Aron Piper.

Numerous sources reveal that Aron was present at Dua’s show at the Wizink Center. Hours later the pair would leave through a back exit together, ending up at the nightclub. The duo were said to be dancing comfortably in a corner together to the upbeat dance tune that blasted around them.

Fan videos from inside the club show Aron gently touching Dua’s hair as she leaned in to whisper something discreetly in his ear.

Aron is best known for his portrayal of Ander Munoz on the Netflix original drama Elite.  The show is aired in Spanish but has gained a US following through the use of subtitles. It has now been on the air for five seasons – all of which are currently streaming through the platform.


Is Dua On The Rebound? Is She Finally Over Anwar Hadid?

It’s no secret that Dua has been officially single for just over six months now. The singer wen split from her ex-boyfriend in the winter of 2021. She was formerly dating Anwar Hadid, the younger brother of supermodels Gigi and Bella Hadid. The pair dated for two years before their split last November. Unfortunately, the couple allegedly parted ways because their packed career schedules were driving a wedge between them.

According to E! News, the pair never publicly discussed their breakup- but sources close to the couple told the media that they are ‘taking a break from the relationship’ and that they were ‘spending time apart.’ Unfortunately, that time apart has now been more than six months and it seems like Dua might be ready to get back on the horse. In the videos online, the singer looks completely comfortable out in a crowd without her former boyfriend. Fans think it might be time for the 26-year-old to put herself back on the market.

Are Dua and Aron Piper Dating?

So, are Dua and Aron Piper dating? Unfortunately, no one knows. The couple has not made a statement about the situation. Neither has confirmed being in a relationship or even that they may be casually dating.  It is also a possibility that the pair are just good friends who got together to hang out while Dua was in town for her show.

Now, rumors have been circulating that Aron might be romantically connected to F.K.A Twigs. The eclectic singer posted a video to her social media of herself locked in a heated tropical make-out session with Aron  Piper. The video surfaced hours after fans spotted Aron with Dua at the nightclub. While some jumped to the conclusion that perhaps Aron was making his rounds – others think it much more likely the video was a clip from a larger professional production, i.e a music video or promotion for Twigs’ latest music.,



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