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Suspicious Behavior Suggests Brian’s Mom Knew Gabby Petito Was Dead

Trisha Faulkner

Suspicious behavior from Brian Laundrie’s mom has the internet thinking she might’ve known Gabby Petito was dead long before anyone else did. Why did his mother do that has the internet thinking she knew Gabby Petito was dead?

Gabby Petito Instagram
Gabby Petito Instagram

Brian Laundrie’s mother acted suspiciously early on in September

According to multiple outlets, we know Brown Laundrie’s mom booked a reservation for two at Soto Park Campground. She made the reservation on August 24th for two people. Days before Brian Laundrie returned from his trip across the country with Gabby Petito… Roberta Laundrie canceled those camping reservations. (She canceled them on August 31).

On September 3, she made new reservations at the same park for three people instead of two. The reservations were for September 6 to 8. Documents confirm Brian Laundrie and both his parents checked in and out of the campground. As we previously reported, this contradicts Dog The Bounty Hunter claiming he caught them on camera leaving the campground without Brian when their reservation ended. Even Brian Laundrie’s lawyer has allegedly spoken out on what Dog said claiming he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Dog The Bounty Hunter - Duane Chapman - Brian Laundrie
Dog The Bounty Hunter – Duane Chapman – Brian Laundrie

Did they have a reason for canceling the camping trip?

The theory is Brian Laundrie’s mom canceled the camping trip because she learned her son killed Gabby Petito. Many following the case think that’s the only explanation for the family taking such a random and sudden camping trip after he returned from his cross-country trip WITHOUT Gabby Petito.

According to MEAWW, Thomas Rutherford was camping at the park during the same weekend. He “vaguely” remembers the Laundries truck. Rutherford goes on to speculate he thinks they changed their camping plans after learning Brian Laundrie would be returning home without Gabby. Thomas has already relayed this theory to the proper authorities.

Brian Laundrie Attorney

How long Brian Laundrie has been missing is unclear

Brian Laundrie’s mom and dad reported him missing on September 17. But, they claim they had not seen him since September 14. The timeline is a little foggy because no one completely believes Roberta and Chris’ account of when their son went missing.

Did Brian Laundrie’s mom change this camping reservation because she knew Brian killed Gabby Petito? Was the camping trip to get their story straight and make plans for Brian to disappear? Theories continue to run wild as the manhunt for Brian Laundrie continues.

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