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Brian Laundrie Allegedly Posed As Married With Children From Mexico

As internet sleuths dig deeper and deeper into the life of Brian Laundrie, things just seem to get more bizarre. Turns out, he once allegedly posed as a married man with children who was born in Mexico. Now, internet sleuths are relatively sure none of these are actual facts about Brian Laundrie. In fact, some agree it just further supports the fact that “he is psycho.”

Brian Laundrie - Youtube
Brian Laundrie – Youtube

Brian Laundrie allegedly posed as married with children from Mexico

According to a tweet that surfaced on Twitter today, internet sleuths did some digging into Brian’s Google review history. The tweet reveals Brian Laundrie posed as a married man with children who was born in Mexico. This tweet continues to explain these reviews on Brian’s Google review account were a few years old. But, they were written by someone claiming to be married with children.

In response to the claim, some note this kind of thing is one of the biggest problems with the case. They noted this is another example of someone spreading false information or misinformation.

The OP fired back they understood the information could be pointless or it could be extremely valuable. But, they felt it was still worth sharing because it appeared to be Brian Laundrie’s profile. The OP proceeded to defend themself by noting the reviews matched the travel pattern of Gabby and Brian. Other individuals noted it was possible it was just someone who changed their name on their Google reviews profile with the hope of gaining clout.

Brian Laundrie mexico tweet

Other internet sleuths react to the allegation

One individual says in response to the allegation: “In one review he mentions his wife. He’s never been married. In the other review, he mentions his kids. He’s never had kids.”

Another chimed in to add that Brian Laundrie and Gabby had been sweethearts since a very young age. Moreover, he’s only 23-years-old. So, the allegation that this profile and reviews could belong to Brian doesn’t even make sense.

Some noted that if the profile was his he was a “real character” and it was just further proof of how “psycho” he really was. A few argued the writing was far too coherent to be Brian. Some speculated it is possible this was just another man with the same name.

Gabby Petito Instagram
Gabby Petito Instagram


Many, however, noted it was a “great find” and worth looking into because Brian Laundrie was also coined as a pathological liar.

Do you think this review account actually belongs to Brian Laundrie? Or, do you think this is an internet sleuth grasping at straws? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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