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Brian Laundrie Accidental Instagram Live Footage: Details, Truth Revealed

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Details and the truth of the accidental Instagram live footage of Brian Laundrie have finally come to light. As we previously reported, there was a video that surfaced on Instagram claiming to be Brian Laundrie’s accidental live Instagram footage. The video was just a few seconds long. The biggest question the internet had was simple: Was the video real? Did this really happen? Unfortunately, there wasn’t really anything to prove whether the video was real or not.


Brian Laundrie - Instagram
Brian Laundrie – Instagram

What was in the video, anyway?

The Brian Laundrie accidental Instagram live footage was just a few seconds long. It appeared to be taken from someone who was on some sort of green vessel. A pair of camouflage crocs were visible. And, there was a plastic jug in the water. Noticeably, there was a fishing line that suggested the person on the boat was fishing.

Now, the assumption was that if this video was Brian Laundrie… He was on a boat making his way out of the United States. There, however, were people in the comments that could identify what type of boat it was. These people explained that type of boat never would have made it very far.

Gabby Petito Instagram
Gabby Petito Instagram

Brian Laundrie accidental Instagram live footage: The truth

The Brian Laundrie accidental Instagram live footage did not contain Brian’s username at the top of the footage. So, many questioned if the video was even real. Turns out, it wasn’t. This was NOT Brian Laundrie’s Instagram video. He never went live on Instagram. Internet sleuths on TikTok that have been closely following this story actually dug up the original video.

TikToker Riley Lively is being credited with finding the original video that was claiming to be Brian’s accidental live footage. YouTuber JLD Morris is now being crucified for using this video to gain clout and attempting to monetize Gabby Petito’s murder.

Brian Laundrie Fake Video

As we previously reported, the internet is NOT taking too kindly to those who are trying to benefit from Gabby Petito’s murder. The countless psychics on TikTok, for example, are being ridiculed for claiming to channel Gabby’s spirit to try and find the truth about what happened to her.

Did you think there was any chance that live Instagram video footage could have been real? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the Gabby Petito case.


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