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Britney Spears Says ‘I Quit’ – Why She Says She Won’t Perform On Stage

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Pop Princess Britney Spears is finally getting a chance to speak after 13 years of silence. Now that the #FreeBritney movement is finally getting traction, fans were hopeful that the 39-year-old performer would start performing again. Find out why Britney gave her official “I Quit” notice on Instagram and why she says she won’t be taking the stage again.

Britney Spears Is Speaking Out

Over the last 13 years, Britney Spears has been locked inside a conservatorship. This legal structure helps those who cannot make healthy decisions for themselves. Typically reserved for the elderly, ill, and mentally ailing, the confines of a conservatorship place a person’s finances, well-being, and major decisions into the hands of a trusted entity. That entity could be a lawyer, family member, or trusted friend.

Many years ago, after a failed marriage, traumatizing public divorce, and incessant harassment by the press, the singer’s mental health declined. The entire world saw Britney spiral downward. Unfortunately, those who should have been there to support and help her – chose to handle things a different way.

Placed inside her infamous conservatorship for more than a decade, the singer is now speaking out about the abuse she has endured at the hands of her family. While her new lawyer continues to fiercely advocate for her in the courtroom, Spears is finally fighting for herself, calling out a family in a very real way about the false front her family has held for years, all in the name of ‘helping’ her.

Pop Princess Says She’d Rather Dance in Her Living Room

After finally hiring a new lawyer last week, the singer has been reveling in some basic freedoms that she’s been denied for years. Like posting on social media, for example. This former pop sensation can finally use her voice – and she’s choosing the platform that she knows will make an impact.

In her latest Instagram post from Saturday, Spears claps back at everyone who has been criticizing her home dancing videos. She has posted many of them over the last few years, and, it’s one of the few things her personal handlers would approve for her social media. For a long time, the singer was not allowed to post any content that was not approved by her team, which included her father, Jamie Spears

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The post goes into extensive detail about her unsavory feelings towards those who have surrounded her over the last decade. She reveals she has no plans to perform any time soon.” She told her followers that she has zero desire to sing and dance like a monkey with all her decisions being made for her. Britney has always enjoyed dancing and choreography but feels that she would much rather share videos from her living room than be on a stage in Vegas surrounded by her abusers.

A Tongue Lashing For Her Family On Instagram

In her declarative post, the singer says that she has no plans to perform so long as her father is able to control her every move. Britney details being made to tour under unsavory conditions. She says she was surrounded by people who wouldn’t so much as shake her hand. That she was constantly experiencing contact highs from being around so much weed.

According to Spears, she begged for years to put out new music. She wants to give the fans something to be excited about. The performer implied in her post that all she’s able to give them is heavy make-up and lip-synced remixes. The songstress expresses upset over her sister (Jamie Lynn Spears)  performing remixes to her songs on a national award show. Britney heavily emphasized the words “MY SONGS” in the post. She seems frustrated and confused as to why her sister would agree to do that.  It seems that she would much rather be performing her own music, on her terms.


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Britney Spears Wants The Media To Stop Bringing Up The Past

In her post, Britney brings up disdain for the plethora of documentaries constantly being made about her. She says they constantly bring up some of the most devastating and embarrassing moments in her life. For Britney, this further adds to the stigma experiences at the hands of the media. While none are meant to cause harm, the performer reminds fans that she is not in that place anymore and doesn’t wish to be seen that way.

” I’m way past all that and have been for a long time.” – Britney Spears

Hit The Road, Haters

As for Britney, she’s telling all the haters to back off. The singer says she will continue to post dancing videos because it’s a hobby she enjoys. She muses that hope is one of the few things she has left. She’s has hung on to that hope, even though those around her have tried to take it. The popstar reminds her fans that she is doing her best to thrive, in spite of it all. Britney Spears also had a special message for those throwing shade at her vids.  She says if they don’t “want to see her precious a** dancing in her living room .. go read a fu***** book!”

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