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Britney Spears Fans Worry About Her As Sam Asghari Tests Positive

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The Free Britney movement has been going on for Britney Spears for a while. There are many people around the country that think Britney Spears isn’t in control of her own life. They have even gone so far as to say her boyfriend is her handler. While Britney has posted things to her Instagram saying she’s okay, fans think she’s being forced to.

Now some recent Instagram posts have fans worried about her all over again. Most concerning was a weird photo of an eye with color on it. There’s a fly on the eyeball. Her caption says, “I spy something. PS as you can see from my videos today, I still need to get my phone fixed.”

Fans responded with one saying, “I spy your freedom in 2021.” Another said, “I’m sorry but you know something is wrong when a celebrity who is worth tons of money can’t fix a phone. Red flags every where.”

What Was In Britney Spears’ Videos?

The last two dancing videos Britney Spears posted raised questions as well. In one a fan thinks she looks like she’s been crying. Several people in the comments said something isn’t right.

The caption is strange as well. It reads, “With how much spinning I do my name should be Tinkerbell! And guess what? Yesterday I found the perfect set of wings! I also learned that another definition of “spinner” is a lure –designed to revolve and SPIN when drawn through the water.”

She then asked, does that make me a fish? Another post shows a dying flower and she captioned it, “if you will stay close to nature, to its simplicity. To the small things hardly noticeable. Those things can unexpectedly before great.” Fans called for people to boycott the Britney Brand because she wasn’t posting these things to Instagram. Yet another picture of a rose on her page prompted one fan to posit, “Britney isn’t sending them any picture so they have to post this.”

Meanwhile Her Boyfriend Has COVID

Britney Spears’ live-in boyfriend, Sam Asghari tested positive for COVID-19 according to People. The model posted on his Instagram that he has recovered and didn’t have that many symptoms. He shared, “2020 has been a crazy/twisted year for all of us.” He went on to say he caught it before going around his loved ones, and isolated quickly.

Asghari stated his lifestyle is the reason he didn’t have any bad symptoms. He said he knows there are people who are healthy that have a hard time with it. He said his suggestion is to take vitamins and stay hydrated among other things. People only posted positive messages on his post. They thanked him for sharing and told him he inspired them. even people on Tik Tok are concerned with one saying, “who is coming with me to check on our girl for Christmas and tagged friends. Fans will continue to ask for Britney’s freedom.

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