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‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Brown Slammed As Selfish For Lack Of Support

Sister Wives fans are calling out Janelle Brown for her decisions not to support the other wives. Apparently, Janelle was dragged online after fans noticed her odd bahevior during season 15. Fans also have a lot to say about how Janelle portrayed herself throughout the years. Some think that she became one of the most easy-going wives of Kody Brown and doesn’t like to mess with anyone. However, fans also criticized Janelle for the way she treats Christine Brown, who’s been struggling with a loveless marriage throughout the years.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Slammed As Selfish

Sister Wives fans slammed Janelle Brown due to her selfish behavior throughout the season, especially during the finale. Apparently, Christine Brown proposed going back to Utah. She also thinks that it’s a good idea as the ban on polygamy was lifted in their once-called home. However, none of the wives were on the same page. Instead, they decided to stay in Flagstaff. Fans went furious about the reaction of Janelle towards Christine’s idea.

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In a Reddit post, a fan opened up about how they felt about Janelle’s behavior during the season finale. Apparently, Janelle frankly told Christine that she has nothing in Utah to return to. However, fans aren’t pleased by how she reacted towards Christine.

“But the way she talked derisively about Christine wanting to move to Utah “only” because her children were there and how she valued Christine’s need to be with her children as less important than her having some kind of property really rubbed me the wrong way”, one fan said. Other fans agreed with the statement and said that Janelle doesn’t really care what Christine wants. However, some fans think that Janelle owes Christine a lot as Christine helped her raise her kids.

Christine Brown Being Treated Poorly?

Sister Wives star Christine Brown failed to encourage her plural family to go back to Utah during the season finale. Fans think that she’s being poorly treated in the family. At one point, Christine revealed that she feels like her opinions don’t seem to matter in the family. She even dubbed herself as the “basement wife” of Kody Brown. Meanwhile, Kody has been criticized for his poor treatment of Christine. At one point, fans called out Kody for abandoning his and Christine’s daughter Ysabel Brown’s major back surgery in New Jersey. The season finale also ended with Christine telling Meri Brown that she can’t do marriage with Kody anymore.

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Sister Wives: Christine Steps Away From The Stress

Sister Wives star Christine Brown has been one of the most stressed wives of Kody Brown throughout season 15. However, fans are happy that Christine stepped away from her plural family for a while as she went to Utah with her kids to visit her daughter Aspyn. According to some, Christine should just leave Kody as their relationship is no longer functioning. There are also speculations stating that the show might be done for good due to the never-ending problems of the plural family.

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