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Christine Brown Says Her Life With Kody Is Not What She Wants Right Now

The final episode of Sister Wives Season 15 is finally here and it’s filled with drama inside the plural family. One of the most notable things in the season finale is Christine Brown’s struggles. According to her, she doesn’t feel like she matters to the family. The season finale also showed Christine dealing with her struggling relationship with Kody Brown. Aside from that, Christine is now becoming more determined on leaving Flagstaff after Utah decriminalized polygamy last year.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Continues To Struggle With Kody In Season Finale

During the season finale of Sister Wives, Meri Brown took Christine Brown for a walk. Christine later told Meri that she can’t do marriage with Kody Brown anymore. However, Meri kept on encouraging Christine to never give up on their family. “You don’t get to give up like that. ‘Cause you’re not a quitter”, Meri told Christine. “Why is it quitting”, Christine answered. After that, Christine opened up about what she feels about her relationship with Kody. “Her relationship with Kody certainly isn’t one that I would want. And the relationship that I have with Kody isn’t what I would want either”, Christine said as she compares her situation to Meri. “What I have here is not what I want right now”, Christine added.

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The Family Discusses The Possibility Of Returning To Utah

The season finale of Sister Wives also showed the family discussing their next move. Apparently, Christine Brown is encouraging Kody Brown and the other wives to go back to Utah. According to Christine, her family is in Utah and this would be the best time to return. Christine’s desire to leave Flagstaff reignited when Utah decriminalized polygamy. However, Kody is having a hard time deciding if going back to Utah is a good idea. “I don’t think Christine will be able to convince any of us, but it’s a roller coaster that I am more than willing to join”, Kody said. “And I’m just not shutting her down because I’m not going to sit here and say, ‘Your idea is dumb.’ Especially when I like it. I just know that it’s not possible,” he added.

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Meanwhile, Janelle Brown frankly revealed that there’s nothing for her in Utah, stating that she doesn’t like the idea of going back. Meri Brown also rejected the idea of going back. On the other hand, Robyn Brown said that she’d prefer to stay in Flagstaff even though she would love to return to their once-called home. “As much as I would love to live in Utah, I have to think about the long-term effects on Saul and Ari”, Robyn said.

Sister Wives: The Season Ended With Unfinished Business

The season finale of Sister Wives ended with a lot of drama. However, there are still a lot of unanswered questions from the fans. One of which is the future of Kody Brown’s Coyote Pass project. Apparently, it’s been a while since fans were able to hear from the project. Fans also think that the project will be the answer to the family’s ongoing struggles. However, it appears that it was never built during the season, leaving the future of the plural family in question once again. COVID-19 also made things worse as Kody won’t have much time in visiting his wives as they need to keep everyone safe from the virus.

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