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Kody Brown Reveals He Sees Meri ‘Once In A Blue Moon’

Turns out, Kody Brown doesn’t see his first wife Meri all that often.

Sister Wives fans know Kody has been struggling on planning for their next move in Flagstaff. Apparently, the polygamous family is dealing with the spiking cases of Covid-19 in Flagstaff. Due to this, they have no choice but to force Kody to limit his visits. This also fuels what has been a problematic situation inside the family. It’s known that Season 15 started with the family struggling with their separations in Flagstaff. The wives also asked Kody to start his Coyote Pass Project so they can finally live together under one roof.

However, Kody has been dealing with more problems than his wives. He’s also trying his best to fix his relationship with his first wife Meri Brown. Apparently, the two have been struggling with their marriage for years. Now, Kody adds more issues after revealing that he only sees Meri “Once in a blue moon.”

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Only Sees Meri “One In A Blue Moon”

During a sneak peek trailer for Sister Wives Season 15, Episode 6, Kody Brown did a shocking revelation during his interview. “There’s just been nothing going on between me and Meri”, Kody said. “She interacts with the family for the holidays and birthdays. We get together once in a while. I see Meri once in a blue moon, but we quit dating,” he added. It appears that Kody is admitting that he’s still struggling with his relationship with Meri. Apparently, Kody’s love for Meri went downhill since her catfish scandal broke in 2015. The two tried to fix their relationship by attending a therapy session. However, it doesn’t seem it fixed anything at all.

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The Pandemic Adds To The Problem

Sister Wives star Meri Brown admits that the pandemic has been a huge problem in their struggling family. During the episode 6 teaser, Meri said, “They say that a person needs four hugs a day just to survive.” She added, “People are probably not getting four hugs a day right now.” Apparently, Meri has been trying to strengthen her relationship with Kody and her co-wives. However, with the social distancing being implemented, the plural family will have no choice but to stay inside their separate households for a while.

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Sister Wives: Meri Celebrates St. Patrick’s Day – Admits She’s Also An Irish

In a social media post, Sister Wives star Meri Brown celebrated St. Patrick’s Day by revealing that she’s also Irish. According to Meri, her great-great-grandfather was Irish, which makes her part Irish as well. Fans also agreed as Meri has a lot of resemblance to her ancestors. Meanwhile, Christine Brown celebrated St. Patrick’s Day by sharing her green pancakes. She also drew a shamrock on her arm and told her fans that it’s for protection.

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