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‘Sister Wives’: Canceled After Unpleasant Season Finale?

The season finale of Sister Wives ended in the most unpleasant way. Apparently, the finale centered around Christine Brown’s proposal of going back to Utah. However, her idea was rejected by the family. Meanwhile, Meri Brown’s relationship with Kody Brown never improved throughout the season. The family also ended up having multiple arguments throughout the season instead of being happy in front of the cameras.

Due to this, fans are worried that the show might get canceled as the family seems to head towards negativity most of the time. Reports even claimed the show’s ratings dropped significantly due to Kody’s poor treatment of his wives.

Sister Wives: Is The Show Canceled?

Sister Wives Season 15 has been one of the most stressful seasons for the Brown family so far. Apparently, the season revolves around the family’s separations amid the raging Covid-19 in Flagstaff. Now, the pandemic is still a problem around the world. Due to this, it might take some time before TLC renews the show for another season. Fans are also getting tired of the never-ending problems inside the plural family.

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Fans are also swarming the comments section of TLC’s posts about the show. Some of them are saying that the show should be done for good. At this point, TLC has yet to reveal if they’re going to renew Sister Wives. However, the network company already released several teasers for their upcoming shows, which doesn’t include Sister Wives.

The Ratings Dropped Significantly

According to reports, the ratings of Sister Wives dropped significantly compared to last year’s. Apparently, an April 2020 episode of the show managed to get 2,381,000 viewers. However, the season 15 premiere only got 1,429,000 viewers. Reports also claim that one of the main reasons is Kody Brown’s poor treatment of his wives. Kody has been showing signs of frustrations throughout the season as well, which led him to make bad decisions.

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Fans are also upset that Kody is still having favoritism towards Robyn Brown. According to reports, he barely visits his other wives and has been quarantining in Robyn’s $890,000 house. It also appears that he failed to restore his struggling relationship with Meri Brown throughout the season. However, fans are blaming Kody, as he can’t seem to appreciate Meri’s efforts towards him.

Sister Wives: Kody Receives Tons Of Criticism During Season Finale

Sister Wives star Kody Brown raised a lot of eyebrows during the season finale. Apparently, he refused to go with his daughter Ysabel Brown for her major back surgery in New Jersey. He even told his family that nobody should go with her to avoid getting the virus. However, Kody’s suggestion made a lot of fans furious.

Fans from Reddit also shared their thoughts about how horrible the season finale is. “I can’t hardly watch this episode because Kody is so ridiculous. The things he has said and suggested about Ysabel’s surgery are despicable. He is a POS”, one fan said. Critics even started calling him “Hot garbage.” Meanwhile, Christine Brown called his suggestions “Stupid.”

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Do you think TLC will renew or cancel Sister Wives?

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