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NBA: Joel Embiid Returns To MVP Ladder After Suffering Injury

Philadelphia 76ers star Joel Embiid has been playing well lately after returning from a scary injury. Apparently, Embiid was out for a couple of weeks due to a left knee injury. His absence also dropped him from the first spot of this year’s NBA MVP Race. However, Embiid’s recent games proved that he won’t go anywhere. Now, he’s finally back on the ladder once again, and it seems that he’s aiming to retake his first place spot. Meanwhile, the 76ers are still suffering from injuries, making it harder for them to compete in the playoffs.

NBA: Joel Embiid Is Back On The Ladder

Philadelphia 76ers star Joel Embiid finally made it back to the NBA MVP ladder after his two-week absence in the league. Embiid just dropped 35 points in their previous game against the Boston Celtics, which boosted himself to the third spot of the MVP race. However, he struggled a lot in their recent game against the New Orleans Pelicans, where he only scored 14 points in 31 minutes of playing.

Meanwhile, Embiid revealed during an interview that he still got a long way to get himself back on track. During their huge win against the Celtics, Embiid said, “I’m not all the way there, but tonight was a big step.” On the other hand, the 76ers head coach, Doc Rivers, revealed that Embiid played “Okay” but there’s still “Rust.”

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George Hill Says He’ll Be Back Before The Playoffs

Philadelphia 76ers guard George Hill has been worrying the fans after undergoing thumb surgery this season. At this point, the 76ers have yet to reveal the clear date of Hill’s return. However, during an interview, Hill himself revealed that he’ll still play this season. “I will be back before the playoffs, for sure. Just getting everything going,” Hill said. Apparently, Hill arrived to play with the 76ers this year as part of a 3-team trade. He has yet to play since the 76ers acquired him. NBA analysts believe that Hill’s arrival on the team will give a huge boost, especially with his playmaking skills. Meanwhile, Embiid hasn’t fully recovered from his knee injury yet. However, he’s now allowed to play and is slowly getting himself back in his game.

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NBA: Will The 76ers Beat The Well-Established Nets?

The Philadelphia 76ers have been showing good signs of competitiveness, especially with Joel Embiid on the floor. Embiid also appears to reclaim his first spot in this year’s MVP race. However, NBA analysts think that it’s not enough for the team to win it all. Apparently, there’s one team that the 76ers might struggle with. It’s none other than the well-established Brooklyn Nets. Apparently, the Nets currently have five superstars on their roster. Kevin Durant also made his return recently. Kyrie Irving is also playing on a MVP level lately, making the team insanely strong. The Nets are currently the nemesis of all other teams in the league today. Now, fans can only hope that the unhealthy 76ers will keep up with the Nets once they face each other in the playoffs.

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The Philadelphia 76ers will face the Oklahoma City Thunder on April 9, 2021.

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