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‘Is Facebook & Instagram Down?’ Trends On Twitter: Social Media Users Panic

Trisha Faulkner

Topics including the question of whether Facebook and Instagram are down have begun to trend on Twitter. Wondering why Facebook and Instagram are trending on Twitter? Well, it’s because both social media platforms started to glitch and time out about 40 minutes ago.

Now, we can report the platforms (nor the apps) are down completely. But, if you refresh the websites or check the apps, you will only see updates and notifications from over 40 minutes ago. Unsurprisingly, this caused panic among social media users. So, they quickly rushed to Twitter to tweet and ask if Facebook and Instagram were down for anyone else. Twitter, being a social media platform owned by a different company, is not experiencing the same glitches and downtime.

Are Facebook and Instagram both down? Here’s what we know

Down Detector is a website that Facebook users turn to when the social media platform is not working properly. According to the website, Facebook users started reporting issues around 5:00 p.m. EST. There have been over 100,000 reports of issues with Facebook in the past hour. Nearly 60 percent of the reports are an inability to use the social media platform at all. Roughly 26 percent of complaints cannot log into their accounts, and 17 percent are experiencing issues with their newsfeed.  You can see a screenshot with information about the outage complaints down below.

Down Detector Screenshot

What about Instagram?

There is also an option to check Instagram on Down Detector as well. Starting around the same time as Facebook, over 100,000 Instagram users have also reported issues with the platform. As you can see from the screenshot down below, most are able to log in and access their accounts. They, however, cannot do much with them. Over 70 percent of Instagram users are reporting issues with their newsfeed.

Facebook Instagram Down

Twitter reactions to the outage: Hilarious entertainment

Now, there is a thick amount of irony in the fact that Facebook and Instagram users rush to Twitter. While there are definitely some that prefer Twitter as their social media of choice… Those rushing to Twitter in response to the outage clearly consider the platform to be their backup option. Still, that doesn’t make the reactions of those rushing to Twitter any less enjoyable. Here are some of our favorites.

There are some reports Facebook and Instagram are starting to come back online. Things are still glitchy. But, access to certain features within the platforms has begun to return. But, for those who were concerned, we can confirm you are not crazy. Facebook and Instagram were both down completely for about an hour this evening.

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