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‘American Cartel’: Traffic Stop Becomes International Manhunt

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If you have access to discovery+, you can soon view the latest docuseries that has everyone buzzing with excitement. American Cartel streams on March 30. Tune in to see all the action-packed drama you absolutely can’t afford to miss.

American Cartel follows the international manhunt for David Garcia, the prime suspect in a shootout that left one officer dead and another critically injured. Many viewers today may remember hearing about the grisly scene on the news.

What can viewers expect from American Cartel?

It all started on the night of November 15, 2003 in Burbank, California. In a hotel parking lot, someone fired on Officers Matthew Pavelka and Gregory Campbell. Pavelka was killed and Campbell suffered critical injuries. Immediately after the shooting, Burbank PD contacted every agency imaginable to track down the suspect. They soon realized that the violence was likely gang-related — and those gangs had connections to dangerous drug cartels. Authorities concluded David Garcia was behind the attack. But like a ghost in the night, Garcia vanished across the border.

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The hunt comes to a close — but the drama is far from over

Calling multiple law enforcement agencies in to help certainly paid off. The hunt for David Garcia stretched on for a grueling two weeks but came to a close shortly after. Authorities obtained him south of the border. This is one battle authorities won, but the war just started.

After arresting Garcia, elite forces created a special task force which escalated into a federal wiretap case. This case gave investigators a twisted look inside the horrors of drug cartel life made up of narcotics and violence. And the roots go far deeper than anyone originally anticipated.

Sources reveal the criminal enterprise has ties to El Chapo Guzman — and also Burbank’s local government. The dreaded drug cartels infiltrated the local Californian suburbs while everyone slept.

When viewers tune into American Cartel, they’ll experience a wild journey. From murder to dramatic manhunts and drug rings, this is one docuseries that you will have to see to believe. American Cartel will feature commentary from many law enforcement officers who saw the action up close. They worked tirelessly to bring Garcia to justice and uncovered more than they bargained for.

Viewers can also expect to see a former “Mexican Mafia” gang member who will reveal the inner workings of daily cartel life. His identity remains anonymous for very clear reasons.

Does this sound like a true crime story you’re ready to sink your teeth into? Be sure to let us know in the comments.

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