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Casey Anthony Commits To Helping Wrongly Accused Women

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Many people have very strong opinions when it comes to Casey Anthony. But now, the 34-year-old is making a commitment to help women that were wrongly accused of crimes. PEOPLE reports Anthony filed paperwork to open a private investigation firm in South Florida — and many people thought that was a bit odd.

Apparently, some people speculated that Casey Anthony wanted to open the firm to look into her daughter Caylee’s death. But a close source says that’s not the case at all.

“That’s a closed chapter in her life,” says the source. “She’s not starting a company to get answers about Caylee.”

Caylee Anthony was 2 years old when she disappeared in 2008. About a month after anyone last saw the little girl, Casey Anthony’s mother, Cindy, reported Caylie missing. It instigated a huge search, but they found Caylee’s body not far from the Anthony family’s residence. Almost immediately, people began pointing fingers at Casey Anthony.

Many people recall Casey Anthony’s trial in 2011, which attracted a lot of media attention. She was ultimately found not guilty of murder and manslaughter, although many believe she had something to do with the murder. Anthony did receive the charge of lying to the police, leaving many unsatisfied.

“… People lie to the cops every day. Cops lie to people every day; I’m just one of the unfortunate idiots who admitted that they lied,” Anthony said in a 2017 interview.

Casey Anthony Just Wants To Move On With Her Life

Now, Casey Anthony just wants to move on and help other women wrongfully accused of crimes.

“She knows what it’s like to be accused of something that she didn’t do,” a source close to Anthony told PEOPLE. “She wants to help other wrongfully accused people, especially women, and help them get justice.”

The source went on to say that Anthony does not yet have any clients. The whole project is still apparently very new. State records indicate that Anthony does not have Florida private investigator’s license and cannot obtain one due to her convicted felon status. So it’s hard to say how exactly Casey Anthony plans to make this new venture work. Time will tell if it will be successful or not.

“She has big plans for her future, and hopes that it will change how people see her,” the source continued.

Even though Casey Anthony wants to move on, it may be a long time before the rest of society forgets about the trial. A Florida Department of Corrections spokesperson described Anthony as “one of the most hated women in America” after her acquittal.

If Caylee Anthony were still alive, she would be 15 years old. To this day, no one knows exactly what happened in her final hours.

Do you believe Casey Anthony was really behind her daughter’s death or was she wrongfully accused? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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