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‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Brown Admits Jealousy Over Other Wives

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown recently made headlines after asking Kody Brown to stay away from her house for a while. Apparently, the polygamous family is dealing with the Covid-19 spike in Flagstaff. Due to this, they have to implement social distancing, which means that Kody will have to limit himself from visiting his wives. It appears that Janelle is fine with Kody being away for a while. However, she shocked fans after revealing that she still gets jealous of the other wives. Fans think that this adds another problem to what has been a chaotic year for the family.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Admits She’s Still Gets Jealous Of The Other Wives

During an interview, Sister Wives star Janelle Brown revealed that she still gets jealous of the other wives. “Of course I still get jealous,” Janelle said. “But I learned a long time ago that you really just have to figure out how to be OK with yourself,” she added.  Janelle also said that she’s trying her best not to dwell on the differences of Kody Brown’s approach with his wives. “You have strengths, and you have blessings and you have opportunities that you’re given. You can’t compare,” Janelle said. She also said that putting comparison inside their plural family would destroy their relationships. However, Janelle admits that it took her some time before she accepted her life inside a plural family.

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Janelle Is Not The Only One Struggling With Jealousy

The revelation of Janelle Brown may be shocking for many. However, a lot of Sister Wives fans already knew that she’s not the only one struggling with jealousy. Apparently, Christine Brown previously revealed that she also gets “super jealous” of her co-wives. She also apologized to them during one of their episodes due to her jealousy. Meanwhile, fans think that Kody Brown’s favoritism towards Robyn Brown is one of the main reasons why the other wives are getting jealous. Meanwhile, Meri Brown has been struggling with her relationship with Kody for years. However, Meri revealed last year that she won’t leave Kody as leaving him means that she’s walking away from the whole family.

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Sister Wives: Janelle Asked Kody To Stay Away As They Deal With Covid-19

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown has been trying her best to protect her family. Apparently, the polygamous family has been struggling in Flagstaff due to the Covid-19 spike. Due to this, Kody Brown and his wives were forced to implement different rules about maintaining social distancing. Janelle has been worrying her fans as well. Apparently, Janelle revealed that her two sons are working in places with direct contact with random people. Due to this, she told Kody to stay away from her household for a while just to keep everyone safe. Meanwhile, Kody suggested to his wives that they should run their own households for a while.

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