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Christine Brown Says She’s Still Jealous Of Kody’s Other Wives

Sister Wives star Christine Brown has been making headlines after the Season 15 premiere. Apparently, the first episode showed how the Brown family struggles with separation since they started living in Flagstaff. Aside from that, the Season 15 premiere also showed Christine struggling with her feelings for Kody and her three co-wives. According to Christine, she’s still getting jealous despite all the years they’ve all been together.

Christine Brown Says She Still Gets Jealous

During Sister Wives Season 15 Episode 1, Christine Brown opened up about her feelings for Kody Brown and his three other wives. According to Christine, “I still get super, super, super jealous and I’m really, really, really sorry.” She also said that it’s one of the main reasons why she struggles with getting along with her co-wives. “Maybe I don’t like me either, I’m not really strong on my own, and it’s surprising and it’s hard. And I thought I’d be stronger on my own, but I’m not”, Christine added. She also feels that she’s not contributing anything to the family.

Christine Brown Instagram
Christine Brown Instagram

Kody’s Should Start His Coyote Pass Project As Soon As Possible

The first episode of Sister Wives Season 15 showed how the Brown family struggles from being separated. Apparently, Kody Brown and his wives used to live next to each other during their time in Las Vegas. However, they were forced to leave as they feared they would face criminal charges for their practice of polygamy. Now, fans have been asking Kody if he finally started the Coyote Pass Project. Apparently, the project aims to build a huge house where Kody and his four wives can live together. However, the project hadn’t started yet and it appears that it will stay that way for a while. There are reports stating that Kody has been struggling financially and owes more than $3,000 in property taxes.

Kody Brown Instagram
Kody Brown Instagram

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Opens Up On His Plural Marriage

Sister Wives star Kody Brown had a deep discussion with his wives regarding their plural marriage during the Season 15 premiere. “I know I have all the love I want and you guys sometimes feel like you’re pining constantly for me to, you know, give you some”, Kody said. “Plural marriage, what I know about it, I wonder if I would do it again knowing what I know. Knowing how I think it’s hard on all of you”, he added. Kody admits that he doesn’t like the idea that his wives are committed to plural marriage because they were commanded to. According to him, he wants the idea of a plural marriage where they’re in love and only aims to build a family together.

Sister Wives Kody Brown Wives Instagram
Kody Brown Instagram

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