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Janelle Brown Wants Kody To Stay Away & Here’s Why

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown opened up about why she wanted Kody Brown to stay away from their house. Apparently, the latest teaser for episode 5 showed Janelle struggling with the spiking cases of Covid-19 in Flagstaff.

Due to this, she decided to make hard decisions to keep her family safe. One of which is forcing Kody to stay away for a while. Meanwhile, Christine Brown struggles with Kody not staying at her house. However, it might get worse later in the season as the family starts to deal with the pandemic.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Shares Why She Wants Kody To Stay Away From Their House

During an interview, Sister Wives star Janelle Brown opened up about their struggles during the Covid-19. According to Janelle, she had to make a difficult decision for her family. Apparently, Janelle’s son, Garrison, works with construction crews in their town, giving him direct contact with random people. She also revealed that her other son Gabriel has been associating with his other friends.

Due to this, Janelle thinks that it’s best not to let anybody get near their house to keep things safe. “I’m just going to make the decision. I want Kody to stay away from my home until we can figure out how bad this is going to get”, Janelle said.

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Janelle Brown Doesn’t Mind The Separation

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown doesn’t seem to mind her separation from the other wives and Kody Brown. The same goes for Meri Brown, who also liked the situation as her kids like it too. Meri also seemed to spread positivity towards her co-wives as they struggle with their separations in Flagstaff.

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During the episode 5 teaser, Janelle told Kody Brown that he should make up for all his absences after the pandemic. Kody doesn’t seem to like Janelle’s words towards him. “That’s a statement of pressure. Like, ‘You’ve got to make up for this somehow.’ What?” Kody said. “You’re making these choices and you’re telling the kids to continue with what’s normal in their lives and I’m supposed to pay for that?”, he added.

Sister Wives: Will Christine Brown Get What She Wants Amid The Covid-19 Problem?

Sister Wives star Christine Brown recently went headlines after saying that she feels like a “basement wife” during the previous episode. Apparently, she hates that Kody never stays at her house. She also doesn’t like the fact that he never showers in her house. Due to this, she felt like she’s left out compared to the other wives. She also admits feeling uncomfortable during their family gatherings.

Apparently, Christine is one of Kody’s wives who doesn’t like the idea of their separations in Flagstaff. However, things might get even worse as Kody will have to limit his visits even more as they start dealing with the pandemic.

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