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Authorities Charge Culprit In Infamous Sarah Everard Case

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People last saw Sarah Everard walking home around 9:30 PM on March 3 in south London. On March 10, authorities found her body. Now they are now charging an elite officer with the London Metropolitan Police with her murder. The culprit’s name is Wayne Couzens.

Police Commissioner Cressida Dick said that the case was fairly shocking and many members of the public and police force felt angered.

“We are utterly appalled at this dreadful news,” she said. “Our job is to patrol the streets and to protect people.”

CCTV footage of Sarah Everard from March 3/Metropolitan Police

The public expresses outrage over the disappearance and murder of Sarah Everard

As authorities desperately searched for Sarah Everard, people all over the world took to social media to express concern. Many women shared stories about feeling unsafe at night and really empathized with Sarah’s situation.

Game of Thrones actress Nathalie Emmanuel tweeted about her own personal experience in an emotional thread. She says that she was only 10 or 11 when a man flashed her for the first time.

“There is an entitlement over women that has been taught because of how sexism and misogyny is so deeply rooted into our society…” Emmanuel said in the thread. “Yes these acts are not as violent/fatal…. but in my opinion it stems from the same seed. And it’s time to pull up the weeds.”

“The grief and distress from women reacting to what happened to Sarah Everard shows just how differently women experience public space compared to men,” the director of End Violence Against Women campaign group, Andrea Simon, said to NBC News. “We rarely hear about what drives perpetrators to harm women and what needs to be put in place to stop this behavior.”

Organizers plan demonstrations to raise awareness about violence against women

Organizers planned vigils and “Reclaim These Streets” demonstrations inspired by Sarah Everard’s murder. Authorities canceled many due to COVID-19 restrictions, but some are still pressing onward. The groups hope to raise funds and awareness for women that are victims of violence.

Women that did attend a march on March 13 shouted “Shame on you” and “Arrest your own” at law enforcement officials present at the scene. Police officers scuffled with some protestors, invoking an angry response from the public.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan says that he demands an explanation regarding the officers’ actions.

“The scenes from Clapham Common are unacceptable. The police have a responsibility to enforce Covid laws but from images I’ve seen it’s clear the response was at times neither appropriate nor proportionate,” Mayor Khan said.

It could be a very long time before violence against women truly comes to an end. Fortunately, the United Kingdom’s government took note of the problem. Changes in legislation could soon be a reality.

U.K. Home Secretary Priti Patel is pushing for new rules and legislation that will help keep women safe on the streets. Some sources indicate that Patel wishes to make sexual harassment a crime in itself. No one is sure if these ideas will come to fruition, but it’s certainly a start.

There is still plenty of information that remains a mystery regarding the murder of Sarah Everard. We will update you as soon as we know more. Keeping following Entertainment Chronicle online for more true crime stories like these. Raising awareness helps bring justice for victims.

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