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Former Model Rebecca Landrith Death Ruled A Homicide

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Former model Rebecca Landrith, 47, is dead. Her body was discovered along a Pennsylvania highway exit. Investigators ruled her death a homicide and charged a truck driver with her murder.

E! News confirms a Pennsylvania Department of Transportation worker found a deceased female body at the Mile Run exit of I-80 on February 7. Authorities later identified the body as Landrith by taking fingerprints from items she had on her at the time. The county coroner discovered someone shot her in the head, chest, and neck. Investigators found 18 bullets in Rebecca Landrith’s body. Homicide was very clear.

The truck driver charged with the murder is Tracy Rollins, Jr., 28. Authorities found him in Connecticut on February 10, according to PhillyVoice. Today, Rollins is at the Hartford Correctional Center with a bond of one million dollars. Right now, authorities are trying to get Rollins extradited to Pennsylvania.

But what made authorities suspect Rollins in the first place?

Rebecca Landrith Knew Her Killer

As authorities investigated the crime scene, they found a suspicious note in Rebecca Landrith’s jacket. The note contained Rollins’s name, a phone number, and an email address. Once they tracked him down, the evidence started piling up. Someone almost certainly used a cleaning solution on the passenger seat and floor of Rollins’s truck, as per police reports. Connecticut State Police also reportedly found blood and shell casings in the truck after they obtained a search warrant.
PennLive reports authorities specifically found:
  • Flesh and brain-like matter on the bottom bunk mattress behind the passenger seat and flesh-like matter beneath the exterior top stair gate.
  • Powder applied as a cleaning agent on the front seat covering signs of blood, six 9mm shell casings on the front floorboard and on the floorboard behind the passenger seat.
  • Bullet strikes in the rear wall behind the passenger seat and above the bottom bunk, they said.
Based on the evidence, they believe Rollins killed Rebecca Landrith inside the cab of the truck, then dumped her body near the exit.
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Authorities Swiftly Apprehended The Killer

When authorities questioned Tracy Rollins, Jr., he stated he didn’t know Rebecca Landrith. But there was a woman traveling with him throughout several states. He knew her as “Leslie” and they met at a truck stop in Connecticut.

Rebecca Landrith allegedly made hotel reservations under the fake name “Leslie Myers.”

“I hate to start lying to you ’cause this is a murder investigation,” Rollins reportedly told police. This made the authorities incredibly suspicious because they hadn’t yet mentioned a murder to Rollins. A motive isn’t clear at this point.

“We’re relieved,” Rebecca’s brother, George Landrith, said when he heard about the arrest. “It doesn’t ease the sense of loss.”

Although nothing can bring back Rebecca Landrith, authorities are confident justice will be served. They have Rollins in custody and plenty of evidence to use in court. Keep following us online for more true crime stories.

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