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HLN To Air True Crime Documentary On The Delphi Murders

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In February 2017, Abigail “Abby” Williams and Liberty “Libby” German went for a hike on a trail in Delphi, Indiana. The girls never showed up to meet Libby’s father that afternoon, sparking panic. Their disappearances quickly turned into a missing persons’ case, until their bodies were found the next day. Authorities received a flood of tips, but the murders remain unsolved to this day. Now, HLN plans to air Down the Hill: The Delphi Murders, a true crime documentary depicting the case.

The Delphi Murders Rocked Central Indiana — And The Killer Remains Unknown

The special is based on the podcast of the same name. The podcast currently has nine episodes and explores what happened on that horrible February day and the extensive search that followed. Even though the murderer is still at large, authorities hope they will bring him to justice someday. For now, the killer is known as “the bridge guy.”

Photo from Libby German’s phone/Indiana State Police

Libby captured an image and audio clip of the bridge guy, giving authorities something to work with. The photo is grainy and the audio clip is hard to hear, but it’s better than no clues at all. Based on the information taken from Libby’s phone, the suspect is a white male somewhere between 18 and 40 years old. He’s between 5’6″ and 5’10” and weighs in the range of 180-220 pounds. Authorities also managed to get a composite sketch of the killer based on this evidence.

Composite Sketch/Indiana State Police

The Case Gained National Attention

Today, people around the world know about the Delphi murders. HLN isn’t the first major network to take an interest in the case. The Investigation Discovery channel and even John Walsh have done pieces on the case.

As the video points out, the killer may very well be hidden in plain sight. Many people believe the killer lives in the area, as he seemed very familiar with the Monon High Bridge Trail. Authorities have looked into other persons of interest in the case but made no arrests. The Delphi murders are still considered an open case and the families want justice to be served. New information that will bring the killer to justice is very welcome.

Although Libby and Abby are still very missed, their families are doing their best to honor the girls’ memory. There are plans to erect Abby and Libby Memorial Park in their honor which will feature playgrounds, a baseball area, a walking trail, and more.

Down the Hill: The Delphi Murders will air on two nights, February 14 and 15. Authorities hope someone knows more about what happened to Libby and Abby and will come forward. If you have any information regarding the case, you can email tips to or call 844-459-5786.

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