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Jeremy Vuolo Accused Of Neglecting Jim Bob Duggar

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Counting On star Jeremy Vuolo has been making headlines after fans accused him of not helping his wife Jinger Duggar. Apparently, Jeremy was previously seen golfing with his friend while Jinger takes care of the kids at home. Jeremy was also slammed for seemingly making fun of his wife. At one point, Jeremy shared a picture of Jinger looking tired, making fans think that he’s not helping her at all. Now, Jeremy is accused once again of neglecting his father-in-law Jim Bob Duggar after calling his own father a “hero.”

Jeremy Vuolo Accused Of Dissing Jim Bob Duggar

In a social media post, Counting On star Jeremy Vuolo shared a picture of him next to his father. “Thankful to have a dad who’s also my hero. I pray every day that I’d follow his example with my girls”, Jeremy captioned. Some fans appreciated Jeremy’s love for his father. However, others think that he’s also shading at Jim Bob Duggar’s way of living and how he treated them.

Counting On Jeremy Vuolo Post Instagram

Apparently, fans have been speculating that there’s something going on between Jim Bob and Jeremy. It all started when Jeremy started posting cryptic quotes on social media that seem to point directly at Jim Bob. One fan commented, “Someday more secrets are going to come out about his family. I think the surface has been scratched. You can’t silence 19 kids.” Another fan added, “Maybe that’s why Jinger has been so quiet on social media?!”

Fans Think Jeremy Is Not Helping Jinger

Counting On star Jeremy Vuolo has been accused numerous times of not helping Jinger Duggar. At one point, the two were reportedly exhausted and are looking for a nanny to take care of the kids. There are also reports that Jinger is doubling her efforts to Jeremy as she cooks and dresses for a special date night in their house. Meanwhile, fans have been commenting on some of Jinger’s recent posts where she looks very tired. Some even noticed that Jinger looks teary-eyed in some of Jeremy’s posts. However, it appears that they are finding ways to figure things out in their relationship. Jinger previously left her fans in awe after sharing a sweet picture of her and Jeremy for Valentine’s Day. She also told Jeremy that he’s her forever Valentine, favorite, and best friend followed by a heart emoticon.

Jeremy Vuolo Jinger Duggar Pic Instagram

Counting On: Jeremy & Jinger Strolls At Hollywood Walk of Fame

In a social media post, Counting On star Jeremy Vuolo shared a picture of him and Jinger Duggar strolling at the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Jeremy also shared a picture of Jinger walking with a caption, “Oh hey there.” Meanwhile, Jinger shared a picture of her ice cream as they head back home. It appears that the two are trying their best to keep their relationship strong after reports claimed that they’re struggling in their marriage. Jeremy has been sharing more pictures of Jinger on his social media as well. At one point, he shared a photo of Jinger looking through the mirror with a caption, “She so preeeetty.”

Jeremy Vuolo Jinger Duggar Instagram

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