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Jill Duggar Reveals Why She & Derick Are Attending Couples Therapy

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Counting On star Jill Duggar recently made headlines after her sister Joy-Anna Duggar liked a post on social media criticizing her rebellious acts. Apparently, Jill and her husband Derick Dillard have estranged themselves from the Duggars. Since then, Jill has been rebelling against the family’s strict rules. However, it appears that Jill is starting to feel the pain of being estranged from her family. Aside from that, it also appears that Jill’s feud with her family also affected her relationship with Derick. According to Jill, they started attending a couple’s therapy after going through “a lot of transition” in their lives.

Counting On: Jill & Derick Starts Attending Couples Therapy

During an interviewCounting On star Jill Duggar revealed that she and her husband Derick Dillard started attending couples therapy. “It was one of those things where we knew therapy was helpful but until we got to the point where we were, like, desperate,” Jill said. She also said that the therapy has been helping them to communicate as a couple. The two explained that they’ve been going through a lot and they need someone to help them. “At that point, we were like, We really need somebody outside the picture to speak into our lives to help us sort things out,” Jill said.

Jill Duggar Derick Dillard 2 Instagram
Jill Duggar Instagram

There are reports stating that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar don’t communicate with Jill and Derick anymore after they estranged themselves from the family. Jill’s sister, Joy-Anna Duggar, even liked a post criticizing her for her rebellious acts against her family.

Jill & Derick Estranged Themselves From The Duggars

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard have estranged themselves from the Duggars in recent years. Apparently, they were part of the spinoff show Counting On. However, they felt that they don’t have much freedom, forcing them to quit for their own good. “We had to make a decision at that time to put the show aside to pursue our own goals”, Jill said. Derick also made it clear that they’ll never go back to the show. Since then, Jill has been doing rebellious acts against the Duggars. At one point, she had her nose pierced and cut her hair short. She also wears pants more often, which is against the family’s dress codes.

Counting On Jill Duggar Derick Dillard Instagram
Jill Duggar Instagram

Counting On: Will The Therapy End Jill’s Rebellious Acts?

Counting On stars Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard said that their therapy is focused on their relationship. However, it might also help Jill with her rebellious acts against the Duggars. Apparently, the family drama ignited when Jill started rebelling against Jim Bob Duggar. Due to this, therapy might force her to ease her rebelling. Meanwhile, Derick has been open about his hatred against Jim Bob. At one point, he announced that he is writing a tell-all book that features shocking revelations inside the Duggars, which is a huge threat to Jim Bob’s media empire.

Jill Duggar Instagram
Jill Duggar Instagram

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