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‘Counting On’: Ben Seewald Slammed After Teaching Kids ‘God Created Ocean’ During Beach Trip

Counting On star Jessa Duggar Seewald shared their mini-vacation vlog on their video streaming channel. The family went to a beach and the kids seem to enjoy it a lot. However, some fans are more focused on what Ben told his kids during the vlog. Apparently, the kids wanted to watch TV. However, Jessa told them that they’re only allowed to watch at night. Due to this, Ben decided to teach the boys something about the beach. He told them a little story about the beach based on the Bible. However, some fans didn’t like it and think that the kids were being “brainwashed.”

Counting On: The Seewald’s Beach Day

In a YouTube post, Counting On star Jessa Duggar shared their video vlog during their beach trip. The kids ran through the beach as soon as they arrived. Jess also said that Henry brought his shovel that he received on his birthday. Later in the video, Ben Seewald can be seen making a sandcastle with the kids. Henry was also seen crying in the video after getting himself wet. Jessa told him, “It’s okay the sun will dry you off in just a minute.” The video also showed Ben diving and swimming. After that, the family returned to the car to buy ice creams from the drive-thru. Jessa ended the vlog with a short clip of Ivy trying to sleep while holding a Bible.

Ben Seewald Kids YouTube

Ben Slammed For Teaching Kids “God Created Ocean”

Counting On star Jessa Duggar shared a video of them starting their morning with a quick Bible lesson. During the lesson, Ben Seewald asked the kids, “God made the beach, did you know that?” The two boys seemed confused and shook their heads. They also said that they didn’t remember. After that, Ben told them that God created the water and tells it where to stop. He also told the kids that it is one of the main reasons why the water doesn’t come all over the sand.

Ben Seewald YouTube

Ben’s way of teaching the kids about the beach made some fans furious. One fan commented, “Science should be taught as well and kids should not be brainwashed liked this.” Another fan also said, “Science tells us that tides are a result of the gravitational pull from the sun & the moon…Ben & Jessa are the examples of what happens when science is rebuked & not taught to children.” Meanwhile, another fan said that it’s the most awkward interaction with children they have ever seen. This wasn’t the first time Ben got slammed for his words. He was previously criticized for his comments on the Capitol riots. According to him, people should examine themselves first before pointing fingers at the riots.

Counting On: Jessa’s New Hobby Impressed The Fans

In a social media post, Counting On star Jessa Duggar shared her new hobby. According to her, she’s been collecting indoor plants since the pandemic started. Fans immediately fell in love with Jessa’s new hobby. One fan told her, “Those plants changed the whole look of the living room. Love it!” Another fan also suggested to Jessa that she should do more plants and gardening videos. Jessa’s revelation of her new hobby comes after her living room renovation.

Jessa Duggar Living Room YouTube

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