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‘Counting On’: Jeremiah Duggar Joins Instagram – Courtship Announcement Coming Soon?

Counting On star Jeremiah Duggar just joined Instagram recently which made a lot of fans curious. Apparently, courtship announcement is the first thing that comes to everyone’s minds whenever a Duggar creates a social media account. Jeremiah wasn’t the only one who joined social media. James Duggar also joined last year and fans think that he’s going to announce his courtship as well. Jessa Duggar even threw major attention to James which fuels the speculations that something big is coming. Meanwhile, Jeremiah already has a growing number of followers just a few days after joining Instagram. Fans also swarmed his first post with a warm welcome.

Counting On: Jeremiah Duggar Joins Instagram

Counting On star Jeremiah Duggar made his first post on Instagram. It’s a picture of him and his brother Jedediah Duggar. The two are also dressed up in black tuxedos, seemingly attending a very special event. Jeremiah captioned his post with, “My first moments in life were with ya, so it’s fitting that my first Instagram post is with you too. So blessed to be able to call you bro, and twin bro at that!” Meanwhile, some of Jeremiah’s siblings started commenting on his post. One of which is Anna Duggar, who told him, “Welcome Jer!” Jinger Duggar also told Jeremiah and Jedediah, “Looking good, bros!” Fans also welcomed Jeremiah into the social media world. He received comments like, “Welcome online, Jer!” and “I love it! Welcome, Jer.”

Jedediah Duggar Jeremiah Duggar Instagram

Jeremiah Has Been Busy

Counting On star Jeremiah Duggar has been busy lately. Apparently, he got his real estate license just a few months ago. It appears that Jeremiah is preparing for adulthood. There are also speculations that he might have found his love which is why he’s been gearing himself up to settle down. However, it won’t be a surprise to many if he’s going to announce his courtship soon. Jeremiah is 22 and most of his siblings got married around the same age. However, there’s been one Duggar who’s still struggling on finding love at the age of 30. It’s none other than Jana Duggar, who recently went headlines after her alleged “ex” Lawson Bates showed off his new girlfriend on social media.

Jeremiah Duggar Pic Instagram

Counting On: Jeremiah Following The Steps Of His Younger Brother Justin?

Counting On star Jeremiah Duggar might be hinting that he’s following his younger brother Justin Duggar’s steps. Apparently, Justin is about to tie the knot with Claire Spivey sometime this year. Now, fans are speculating that a courtship announcement is one of the main reasons why Jeremiah created a social media account. Jeremiah’s first post on Instagram is already receiving comments asking about his courtship. One fan commented, “Every time a Duggar opens an IG page, it makes us all suspicious… Will there be another Mrs. Duggar soon enough I wonder?”

Justin Duggar Claire Spivey Instagram

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