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Indiana State Police Asks For Tips As Delphi Murders Anniversary Approaches

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February 13 marks the day Abby Williams and Libby German disappeared after they went for a walk in the woods. Just one day later, search parties uncovered their bodies. Authorities immediately announced they suspected foul play. Now, as the fourth-anniversary approaches, the Indiana State Police (ISP) are asking for tips. The Delphi murders, unfortunately, remains unsolved to this day.

You can quickly familiarize yourself with the case by visiting this page produced by ISP.

Authorities Are Still Hard At Work Trying To Solve The Case

The Lafayette District of the law enforcement agency wants everyone to know that “there is still a dedicated, multi-jurisdictional team working on this case every day, which includes two Carroll County detectives, two Indiana State Police detectives, and other law enforcement officers. We continue to actively investigate all tips and leads we receive by phone and email.  This type of violent crime cannot and will not go unanswered.”

The Indiana State Police also want to remind the public of the sketch composite photo. They believe this is what the man who committed the Delphi murders looks like.

However, authorities also want to remind everyone that they should not circulate the photo on social media alongside photos of people they think the sketch resembles.  Doing so causes unnecessary panic, could compromise the case, and doesn’t really help anything in the long-run. The sketch is for people that already know this person well and believe he could be involved in the case.

Sketch composite/Indiana State Police

Instead, the ISP would appreciate quality tips. You can email or call 844-459-5786. Authorities would like you to provide as much information about the suspect as possible. This would include name, age, physical description, address, what they drive, and their connection to Delphi. Throughout the investigation, authorities said they feel that the suspect is either a resident or is intimately familiar with the town of Delphi. He likely wasn’t just passing through at random.

The Authorities Have More To Go On- All Thanks To Libby German

Authorities also recovered a short video and audio file from Libby’s phone showing the killer. Police never released the full video or audio. However, many believe that the video is so short and grainy because Libby quickly began recording, then put it in her pocket to hide it from her attacker. Authorities and the public alike widely praise Libby for her heroic efforts.

Image from Libby’s phone/Indiana State Police

More recently, some believe the app CrimeDoor could help solve the Delphi murders. Libby’s older sister even tweeted about it herself. The app allows users to take a look at a 3D rendering of the crime scene. Hopefully, it will jog someone’s memory. You can learn more about the app in the video below.

Even though it’s been four years since the Delphi murders took place, authorities say it’s nowhere near a cold case. Hopefully, this will be the year they catch Abby and Libby’s killer.

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