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Could The Delphi Murders Be Solved With The Help Of A New App?

Nikole Behrens

The fourth anniversary of the Delphi Murders is rapidly approaching. And unfortunately, there are still many unanswered questions surrounding the killings.

It was unseasonably warm on February 13, 2017 in Delphi, Indiana. The local students were out of school due to a snow makeup day. Teenagers Abby Williams and Libby German decided to go explore the Monon High Bridge over Deer Creek. Many locals are familiar with the spot and it’s a frequent destination for those looking to get some fresh air. However, this once peaceful location now haunts locals. Nothing was ever the same after search parties uncovered the girls’ bodies the day after they went for a walk in the woods.

CrimeDoor Could Really Help Shine Light On The Delphi Murders

However, a new app called CrimeDoor could help solve the case once and for all. Kelsi German, Libby’s older sister, recently tweeted about it. It’s a 3D rendering that helps people visualize the scene and may be able to help identify the killer, known only as “bridge guy.”

“It is like you are standing on the bridge with them out there seeing this,” Kelsi told Indianapolis news station, WTHR. “It really brought into perspective what they were seeing and the person being there gave me a perspective of what he looked like,” Kelsi said.

She hopes it will help jog someone’s memory and they will be able to identify the killer.

Libby Caught Her Killer On Tape — It’s The Key To Solving The Puzzle

Libby managed to capture video and audio recordings of the bridge guy before he killed the girls. Authorities have access to the full video and audio but only released a short snippet to the public. In the released video, viewers can see the bridge guy shuffling towards the girls. In the audio file, you can hear him say, “Guys… down the hill.”

“Down the hill” has become a bone-chilling phrase linked to the Delphi murders. HLN even named a podcast after it and has an upcoming television special based on the podcast. Authorities haven’t released more details since they are still actively investigating the Delphi murders. They won’t rest until Abby and Libby’s killer is brought to justice.

To this day, no one is exactly sure who killed the girls, but many believe it was a local, or at least someone intimately familiar with the area. The girls’ bodies were found in a very isolated area just down the hill from the bridge. Few people believe someone unfamiliar with the area would have known where to put them.

If you want to download the CrimeDoor app for yourself, you can do that on Google Play and the App Store. Take a step onto the bridge and see exactly what Abby and Libby saw that day.

If you have information that could help authorities bring the bridge guy to justice, you can leave a tip at the hotline. Call 844-459-5786 or email

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