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Did TikTok Just Help Find Missing Teen Cassie Compton?

Nikole Behrens

TikTok has caught a lot of criticism over the past few years, but no one can deny that it’s growing in popularity. And authorities believe it may be able to help them solve a missing person case. Arkansas teen Cassie Compton mysteriously disappeared in 2014 when she was 15-years-old. On the day she vanished, she attended a demolition derby event in Dewitt, Arkansas, and returned home a little before 7 p.m. She went out a few minutes later to get cigarettes and never came back.

Was Cassie Compton Really Seen In A TikTok Video?

Many people passed the TikTok video around on social media platforms and a private investigator believes it could be Cassie. Tina Storz has been searching for Cassie for years and believes the girl in the video bears a striking resemblance to Cassie, but can’t positively say it’s her. Storz did alert the authorities and they’re trying to figure out who posted the video originally.

In the video, there is a girl sitting in the backseat of a car with two men. The girl stares in silence at the camera as the two men speak.

However, a woman did speak up on Instagram and claimed that she is actually the one in the video, not Cassie Compton. She claims she doesn’t know who Cassie is. Authorities did not release a statement on the Instagram response.

“We have investigators working on this right now and can’t release any other information right now,” said Stuttgart police chief Mark Duke. The Arkansas State Police are also involved in the case. Even FBI agents in Little Rock are aware of the video’s existence. They confirmed they are investigating, but cannot provide further comment at this time.

No charges were ever officially filed in Cassie Compton’s disappearance, but Chief Duke did say in 2019 that he suspected foul play was involved. However, the community prays Cassie will return home safe and sound someday.

A Little Rock News Station Produced A Podcast About The Case

Cassie Compton’s disappearance drew in true crime fans right away. It even triggered a podcast entitled Timeline: The Disappearance of Cassie Compton produced by KATV News.

According to some interviewed in the podcast, Cassie was not satisfied with her home life. And according to others, Cassie may no longer be alive. In the seven years that have passed, hope is wearing thin for many of her loved ones. Only time will tell if the woman in the video is really Cassie Compton or not.

Authorities will likely release more information as their investigation continues. Stay tuned and keep checking back with us for more information.

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