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How Is Abducted Teen Jayme Closs Readjusting To Life?

On October 15, 2018, Jake Patterson murdered James and Denise Closs and then kidnapped their 13-year-old daughter Jayme. Patterson held Jayme captive for 88 days until she escaped on January 10, 2019. Although this would be an incredibly traumatic incident for any person, Jayme Closs is doing well two years after the attack.

“She is enjoying dance, school activities and many other things as much as is possible in regards to now dealing with the COVID restrictions,” Jayme’s aunt and legal guardian, Jennifer Naiberg Smith, said in an interview with NBC. “She is surrounded by lots of loved ones.”

Jayme’s aunt added that they just take things day by day.

Jaymie Closs Misses Her Parents But Is Doing Remarkably Well Even So

An insider close to Jayme Closs also spoke with In Touch about the situation. The insider revealed that Jayme mostly has good days now, but she understandably misses her parents.

“The only bright spot in this crazy ordeal is how family, friends and the entire town rallied around her to make her feel safe,” the insider went on to say. “Jayme likes living with her aunt and uncle and she’s happy being in school. She’s been to hell and back, so feeling grounded and loved, that helps the most. That’s what she’s grateful for.”

Even a year after the ordeal, Jayme felt much better.

“I really want to thank everyone for all the kindness and concern that people all over the country have shown me,” Jayme told ABC News in October 2019, just a year after the murders. “I am very happy to be home and getting back to the activities that I enjoy.”

The teen went on to say that she really enjoys hanging out with her friends and she feels stronger every day.

The Culprit Is Behind Bars For Good But Seems To Harbor Feelings For Jayme

Today, Jayme Closs’s kidnapper is behind bars. On May 24, 2019, the courts sentenced Jake Patterson to two consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole, and an additional 40 years.

Radar Online obtained a disturbing letter Patterson wrote after his incarceration began. He seems to reflect on things he enjoys, and even drew hearts around Jayme’s name.

“My brother… got a puppy named ‘Vale’ a couple of weeks before [heart] Jayme [heart] ran away,” he wrote. “I love Mexican food too, but I like lots of stuff. Chocolate and berries are probably my favorite. Me and Jayme cooked a bunch of stuff. Cooking is another thing I like doing a lot.”

But it just gets worse from there. Later in the letter, he seems to even laugh off the crimes he committed.

“It’s weird,” Patterson continued. “I went from never committing a crime or really doing anything bad to doing the worst thing a human can do. Just one big f–k up ha ha.”

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