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What To Know Before Watching HBO’s ‘The Mystery Of D.B. Cooper’

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The Mystery of D.B. Cooper is a fun watch. It dives into several people who think they knew who the man truly was. The documentary covers the story of the people on the plane with him and those who are sure their relative or friend was him.

There are a few things to know before diving into the HBO show. The crime took place the day before Thanksgiving and involved a clean-cut man with a bomb hi-jacking a plane. Once he received money in exchange for not detonating it, he jumped from the plane.

What To Know About The Mystery Of DB Cooper

Before watching The Mystery of D.B. Cooper, you should know a few things. In 1971 a man claiming to be DB Cooper gave flight attendant, Florence Schaffner a note.

It explained that he had a bomb and she should come and sit next to him. When she did he requested two-hundred thousand in cash, four parachutes, and a fuel truck. If anything seemed off, he’d blow up the plane. According to Cinema Blend once the plane landed in Seattle, the passengers were led off quickly.

The Plane Returned To The Air

In The Mystery of D.B. Cooper viewers learned the people on the flight didn’t know anything was wrong. The pilot covered up to avoid a panic.

When the plane returned to the air, he wanted to go to Mexico. He’d received his parachutes and cash. It isn’t clear why DB Cooper jumped from the plane that night. It was dark, raining, and the plane was really high.

Many years later in 1980, a young boy found some of the ransom money while camping on the Columbia River. The stack of twenty-dollar bills were deteriorated but traced back to the money Cooper had been given.

The Mystery of D.B. Cooper, Instagram

The Investigation Is Over, The Mystery Remains

The FBI ended the investigation in 2016. They said the funds they’d been using to pursue the case would be used for another one. They still want people with information to contact them despite closing the investigation.

While dozens of people claimed to know who the hijacker was none of the suspects have been confirmed. According to The Mystery of D.B. Cooper, there have been hundreds of leads investigated. They still haven’t been able to find him. One couple in the documentary suggested he’d had a sex change and became a friend of theirs. Another woman claims it was her uncle and she remembers clearly when he did it. A third said her husband confessed to being the hijacker on his death bed. She found dozens of fake IDs after his death and recalled some strange things he’d said over the years. Each one of those people truly believes they know exactly who DB Cooper was.

You can stream the documentary by Emmy-nominated filmmaker, John Dowers on HBO Max.

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