Murder on Middle Beach

What Fictional Story Mirrors HBO’s ‘Murder On Middle Beach’?

The new limited docuseries on HBO called Murder on Middle Beach, shows a family investigating the death of their loved one. Barbara “Barbie” Beach was murdered in 2010 and her son Madison Hamburg is the director of the documentary.

For eight years he interviewed the family and the police to figure out what truly happened. Some of the more uncomfortable conversations he had were with his family. He tried to get more information out of the mains suspect, his father. He also asked his sister and aunt, who found Barbie’s body, if they killed her.

There is a fictional drama series on HBO that mirrors this story. It’s The Undoing staring Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant which is a thriller where the stars have secrets, much like this real life wealthy Connecticut family. The series is about a rich New York family. Their lives are turned upside down when a working-class mother whose son attends the same school is killed.

Murder On Middle Beach Asks A Very Scary Question

Murder on Middle Beach asks a scary question, “how well can we know even those closest to us.” Madison doesn’t leave any stone unturned. He admitted to going through a battle with drugs and addiction. His father had been investigated by the FBI for his international dealings that led to the loss of his job.

According to Variety money seems to be a huge factor in the whole thing. Jeffrey Hamburg was the CEO of a large electric and gas company. Jeffrey lost his job due to his involvement in illegal activity overseas. After his divorce he sued the company for defamation and won, but their wealth had already started to dwindle.

The Family Has Some Demons Uncovered In The Documentary

In Murder on Middle Beach, secrets of the Beach family. Barbie had problems with addiction before seeking treatment. Madison discovered her siblings also suffered from addiction. A main point of Madison’s mission in the documentary was clearing family members who had nothing to do with the murder. He also tried to learn more about his mother from friends and family and finding they had contradictory thoughts about who she was.

Where The Undoing has a bit more sexiness in the secrets of the family. According to Variety the documentary has a much more satisfactory ending than the series. The show hinges on big reveals that don’t really deliver. The documentary also allows Madison to take a look at himself as he’s trying to learn what happened to his mother.
He questions everything about what he could have missed and why his family turned out the way they did.

Madison also attempts to work with the police but finds them resistant to help. The documentary isn’t just an exploration of a murder mystery, it’s a case study of family complexities. Both shows are available to watch on HBO Max now.

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