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Queen Elizabeth Graciously Dealing With Different Christmas Season

Queen Elizabeth always show grace and class when displaying emotions to the population of England. This year, the Queen is looking towards a very different time celebrating the Christmas holiday season. But, in true royal fashion, she’s handling it well and dealing with it accordingly.

Queen Elizabeth realizes Christmas will look much different

People shared all the details about the upcoming Christmas season involving the royal family. The Queen, now 94, hosts many festivities that royal fans look forward to. The festivities typically take place on Christmas Day and the days leading up to it.

However, with the ongoing worldwide pandemic and with Prince Harry missing from the group, the holidays will look much different this year.

Royal biographer Robert Lacey said, “Christmas is something the Queen has always done with enormous, genuine family style, and is facing not doing so sadly.” Lacey continued “she is accepting of that.”

Things could still change, but not likely

Queen Elizabeth and her staff have already cancelled some upcoming events. Included in the cancelled events is the annual sparkling reception for diplomats and embassy staffs who are usually hosted at Buckingham Palace in early December. And, the Queen has already cancelled a Christmas gathering with extended family usually held later in December.

At this point, it’s still unclear where Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip,99, will spend the Christmas and New Year’s holiday. They are still residing at Windsor Castle, however, that may change based on new government guidelines.

If the updated guidelines permit them to do so, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip may travel to Sandringham in Norfolk to celebrate traditionally.

And, it’s also highly unlikely the normal crowd of onlookers will be able to watch the traditional royal family walk to church on Christmas morning. Chances are the pandemic will still require certain guidelines limiting people gathering.

Queen Elizabeth’s much anticipated Christmas Day speech

While things may look very different for British citizens this year, one thing will remain the same. Queen Elizabeth will still be delivering her annual Christmas Day speech addressing the nation. She records the speech in the weeks prior to the Christmas holiday. The speech will broadcast at 3 p.m. on December 25.

So, while things will look rather different this year, the Queen’s national address is something for fans to look forward to.

And, of course Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be celebrating their first Christmas in the United States.

Stay tuned for more news on the royal family.

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