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‘OutDaughtered’ Fan Expresses Concern For Parker’s Teeth

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One OutDaughtered fan took to Adam Busby’s Instagram post to express an abundance of concern for Parker Busby’s teeth. The individual was careful to clarify they were a fan and they were not trying to attack the quint.

I don’t want it to sound like a criticism or anything like that, I don’t want to say that Adam and Danielle don’t care about it, it’s just an observation, but Parker’s smile worries me a bit. She has something like a reverse bite, I do not know if you have noticed it, I was born premature and also had the bite like that, and now I am in treatment for that.”

While Adam Busby himself did not entertain the conversation, several of his followers did. And, there were a lot of mixed feelings about Parker’s teeth.

Children should be off limits, right?

The first individual that responded to the concerned comment reminded the original poster that Parker Kate Busby was just five years old.

“Why are you so worried about a 5 year olds bite…. she’s 5?” The individual questioned.

The same individual added as others continued to discuss the issues with Parker’s teeth: “She’s still as cute as can be just like her sisters. It doesn’t really matter she’s five.”

“Im sure they are aware of this, they don’t have to put everything in their life out for the whole world to know!” Another individual added.

As those who follow Adam and Danielle Busby regularly on Instagram know, they they do keep up with all of their health appointments. And, this includes routine trips to the dentist. So, chances are pretty good they are very much on top of anything Parker and Parker’s teeth could need.

Some fans noted it is possible Parker was getting treatment for the issue. And, it really wasn’t anyone’s business if Adam and Danielle didn’t want to share.

Some OutDaughtered fans seemed to agree Parker Busby’s teeth had issues.

Not, everyone agreed Parker’s teeth should be an off limit topic. Some even agreed with the original comment. The person who left the concerned comment continued to participate in the conversation. The person who left the original comment explained they had a similar problem. It wasn’t handled properly when they were young. And, now they are getting treatment for it later in life.

Another individual chimed in: “You are right she has an underbite. I assume she has seen an orthodontist for it. Lots of these bites can be corrected early and avoid jaw surgery when they are teenagers.”

Adam Busby Instagram Parker teeth
[Adam Busby’s Instagram]
Even those who agreed with the concerned OutDaughtered fan also agreed with those who criticized the concerned comment. In fact, the general consensus was that Parker Kate Busby is just five years old. Adam and Danielle Busby are great parents. If something is wrong with her teeth, her parents would definitely know.

So, what do you think about the concerned comment from an OutDaughtered fan about Parker Riley’s teeth? Let us know in the comments.

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