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‘OutDaughtered’ Fans Wonder If Danielle Busby Might Have Fibromyalgia

Trisha Faulkner

Danielle Busby of TLC’s OutDaughtered had a bit of a health scare yesterday. According to Adam Busby’s Instagram account, she was rushed to the hospital. Apparently, this was a sudden and unexpected decision after an otherwise pleasant day. Uncle Dale Mills Instagram Stories suggests he may have stepped in to watch the girls so Adam could be at the hospital with Danielle.

Instagram couch doctors came out in swarms to offer health advice

While Adam and Danielle Busby rarely ask for it. They have a huge following. A huge following armed with advice. Unsurprisingly, there were a lot of Instagram couch doctors ready to assist in diagnosing mama Busby.

OutDaughtered fans quickly worried COVID-19 might be to blame. After all, fans know Adam has some reservations about wearing masks. Fans also know Danielle recently spoke at a charity gala. Fans assume the gala had a decently sized crowd. Moreover, Danielle Busby recently caught heat for not properly wearing her face mask over her nose. Mix that in with the fact that TV Shows Ace confirms her symptoms are also confirmed symptoms of COVID-19… And, it is possible that is what she has.

Danielle Busby Instagram

That being said, not everyone was quick to jump on the COVID-19 train. Some suspected she might be suffering from fibromyalgia. The suggestion stemmed from fans who also suffer from it. Or fans who have family members with fibromyalgia. What is fibromyalgia? Why are some fans thinking that could be the culprit? Keep reading to find out.

What exactly is fibromyalgia, anyway?

Fibromyalgia is defined as a “widespread muscle pain and tenderness.” They are a pretty large list of symptoms including:

  • musculoskeletal pain
  • areas of tenderness on the body
  • general fatigue
  • sleep trouble
  • cognitive disturbances

Fibromyalgia is a condition medical experts do not completely understand. Moreover, there isn’t really a test to confirm someone has fibro. That being said, some OutDaughtered fans insisted the sensation Danielle Busby experienced in her limbs prior to the hospital trip is a symptom of fibro.

Adam Busby updates, but offers no additional info on Danielle Busby’s health

Adam Busby did take to Instagram to let his followers know he was back home with the girls. We are not sure if Danielle returned home or stayed behind. Adam ended up coming home with the girls without any additional information. In fact, he informed his followers Danielle would meet with some specialists for some follow-up tests later this week.

Danielle Busby Instagram

Specialists suggest the problem is likely something deeper than COVID-19. But, that doesn’t rule out fibromyalgia. What do you think could be wrong with Danielle Busby’s health? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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  1. i sure hope its not Covid, but until that is ruled out I wouldnt even guess, I know here in Canada some rare cases have posed a lot of different symptoms along with the common ones. Heal fast, feel better, prayers from Canada. hugs Danielle and family.

  2. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck… Sure looks like fibromyalgia to me. I was diagnosed with Fibro in 2010 and the minute I heard what was happening to her body I said “that’s Fibro”. God knows for her sake I hope I’m wrong because Fibro Is a life sentence of unrelenting pain as well as many other disabling symptoms which rob you of the joy of life.

    1. I also have Fibromyalgia, plus other auto immune diseases and disorders. My daughter has had similar symptoms of what Danielle has seemed to be having… Plus thoughts of possibly Lupus… Which gives you pain weakness and tired all the time… I have had extreme stress which makes symptoms worse headaches and now symptoms of palpitations and I get out of breath and dizzy… So was worried about heart issues… These things can happen at any age… I also had Cancer and had to have a hysterectomy years back… Now I am a widow and have even more stress. The body does weird things when we are stressed. My prayers go out for Danielle I just dont know why it takes so long for diagnoses… Took many years to find out my Father had Parkinsons and my mother with her illnesses before she had a stint put in and was finally diagnosed with two Auto Immune diseases… I have arthritis like her…I hope they diagnose and help Danielle for her sake and her large sweet family…

  3. Could she have ME/CFS I have it and similar aches and pains. Also suffer fatigue if doing too much physic activities like Danielle suffers after activities

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