90 Day Fiance - Colt Johnson Finds Whip Cream and Cherries
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’90 Day Fiance’: Colt Johnson In Cringe-Worthy Pic You Just Can’t Unsee

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90 Day Fiance celeb Colt Johnson first appeared on TLC as an insecure mama’s boy looking for love. But then, someone completely different emerged as the layers started to peel away. Jump ahead to today and the latest image of Colt Johnson seems to leave fans cringing.

90 Day Fiance: Colt Johnson Doesn’t Mind Embarrassing Himself?

This latest photo also has 90 Day Fiance fans concerned over Debbie Johnson. This is certainly not the type of photo a mother should see of her grown son. But unless Debbie gives up on social media, she will see this.

This Colt Johnson picture is the buzz of the online world this weekend. 90 Day Fiance followers seem unsure of just what Colt Johnson intended to accomplish with this photo.

Does he believe that he is appealing to women in whipped cream? Well, it’s easy to see he’s recreating a scene first done by actor Chris Evans in Not Another Teen Movie. The movie had a lot to be desired, kind of like how fans perceive Colt in the whipped cream and nakedness knock off.


90 Day Fiance - Colt Johnson In Whipped Cream

Or, is it Colt’s sense of humor that led him to pose like an ice cream sundae complete with a couple of cherries?

What About Mama Debbie Johnson?

Fans haven’t forgotten about the woman who gave birth to Colt Johnson. Some of the social media sites have the Colt’s celebrity mother posted in photos where she looks bewildered. Of course, those are just old photos of her.

Mother Debbie hasn’t commented on this latest pic of Colt Johnson, but the 90 Day Fiance groups had fun surmising Debbie’s reaction. After all, it is a photo you just can’t unsee.

These are the kind of photos that Colt is getting a reputation for. One of the last self-deprecating images showed Colt on the beach in an episode of the TLC reality series. The screenshot below was everywhere for weeks after that scene aired.

90 day fiance - colt and jess at beach

Colt Johnson squeezed into a bathing suit that was so small, it squeezed his stomach together. It pinched his belly so much so that it seemed to form cleavage. Fans suggested he had more cleavage in his belly than Jess did in her bikini top, as she stood next to him in that pic.

90 Day Fiance -What Now for the Man from Vegas?

Since 90 Day Fiance introduced Colt Johnson, he’s had three love interests. His first, of course, was Larissa. She started the ball rolling as his initial 90 Day Fiance partner.

Once that imploded, Jess was next. After accusations of lying and cheating with his second love interest on the series, echos of Vanessa surface. Colt Johnson just recently made his courtship of Vanessa known in photos online.

A clip of the two of them holding hands also popped up online recently after a fan captured the scene. Is it those mortifying pictures of Colt enticing the ladies to his side? Probably not,  so what does Colt have that keeps him flanked with beautiful women?  It isn’t just the whip cream and cherries, that’s for sure, which is evident by the reaction fro  his

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