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’90 Day Fiance’: See Debbie Johnson Like Never Before – Parties Hard With Colt & Celebrities (Pics Inside)

90 Day Fiance star Mother Debbie Johnson looks like she’s taken a drastic step to keep herself young in order to fit in with her son’s crowd. Colt Johnson makes no secret of his time at the gym each day. He is working out and posting his shots on social media.

90 Day Fiance: Colt Johnson Watches Mother Debbie Johnson Strike a Pose

While at the gym this 90 Day Fiance veteran cast member has run across a group of wrestlers. This includes Hulk Hogan’s son Nick Hogan and Colt’s posted pics of this online. So it appears Colt hangs out with these wrestlers outside the gym as well.

Colt bringing his reality star world into the world of professional wrestlers seems odd enough, they go one further. This is probably the place you’d least expect to find Debbie Johnson. Yes, mom is included in the 90 Day Fiance meets wrestling pros during their party times.

90 day fiance debbie johnson 11


Do you recognize Colt’s Mother Debbie in the post above? You have to look close because she’s got one heck of a squat going on and it’s a position you wouldn’t expect Debbie to put herself in. Not out in public anyway. There’s a need for this position sometimes but usually behind closed doors.


When in Rome -Do As The Romans Do?

While it looks as if Debbie is attempting to imitate Katie Forbes’ move, this 90 Day Fiance mother is a bit off. Katie is accentuating her curved backside with that pose. That doesn’t quite look like the case for Mother Debbie.

She doesn’t have that big of an asset to push up like her partner in the picture. But Colt can’t keep his eyes off the squatting going on in the picture below.

debbie johnson parties


While Katie’s pose looks wrestler-oriented, Debbies squat seems more purposeful or for medicinal purposes. Almost like she’s possibly attempting to take care of some gastral problems.

Colt, who has his arm around another girl, seems to look on in wonder. This 90 Day Fiance son seems a bit confused when his mom attempts to strike the squatting pose.

90 Day Fiance: Mother Debbie Steals the Show

This 90 Day Fiance mom seems to enjoy herself immensely when around Colt’s new friends. It really does seem to make Debbie happy to be included.

colt and vanessa 90 day fiance


90 Day Fiance fans tell Debbie to keep up the good work. But with the amount of time Debbie spends with her son, it looks like the next love interest for Colt should probably get used to the idea that Colt and Debbie are a packaged deal.

He’s with a new girlfriend on the show, but she’s not treating Debbie all that nice. Fans already know these two don’t have a long shelf-life together. While Colt might get aggravated at his mom on the TLC reality series, she’s still his mom. ‘

It doesn’t look like he’d ever take a woman over Mother Debbie when it comes down to it. So far, ultimatums don’t seem to work – Larissa tried it. They’re now divorced and Colt still lives with mom.

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