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‘ Sister Wives’: Maddie Brown Updates Baby Evie’s Amputation

Sister Wives‘ daughter Madison Brown Brush has some great news. Maddie gave fans an update on precious baby Evie. The baby was born with FATCO syndrome. It is a rare medical syndrome where bones in extremities do not fully develop.

Evie was born missing three fingers, a toe, and her fibula. She also had a bowed tibia, a shortened forearm, and some fusing in her fingers.

Sister Wives Madison Rose Good News

Baby Evie just celebrated her 1st Birthday on August 20th. Mama Maddie shared an update with her Sister Wives followers and friends. She said: “Evie received some major gifts for her 1st birthday. Her surgeon laid the groundwork for her new foot and the mobility it will bring Evie.

The name of this procedure is a Boyd amputation. Another procedure clipped the webbing in her right hand. This also gave her some extra mobility,  in that hand. Maddie updates her Sister Wives followers today. She reports that little Evie “is home and is recovering beautifully. ”

Big Brother Axel James  Loves To Protect Little Sis Evie

Maddie says Axel’s favorite past time is holding his little sister. It looks like he settled into his big brother role nicely.  In the photo above Mama Maddie has her adorable daughter in her arms.

You can see the bandages from the two procedures that Maddie talked about on her Instagram post. Evie looks a little apprehensive but she is in some type of a medical facility.

sister wives axel james baby evie cuddles

While Maddie comforts her baby daughter fans noticed something about the young mother as well. She looks terrific. While the oh-so-normal-mask of today hides a good part of her face, you can’t help but notice how trim she is.

Her arms look like she’s been working out. But a mom with two kids under the age of four is all the workout she probably needs. While Evie just turned one, Axel was just three in May, so he too is still at the age to pick up in your arms.

Sister Wives: Maddie’s Been a Trooper

When this young Sister Wives mom first learned of her daughter’s diagnosis, it was a lot to take in. But once Maddie and her husband, Celeb Brush, learned all the could about this diagnosis, they had another decision to make.

Being in the public eye is not an easy place, especially with personal stuff involving family members. But since the Sister Wives series made Maddie a household name, she had to decide what to share with the public.

The young couple talked over just how many details about Evie being born with FATCO  would they decide to make public? One of the biggest worries for Maddie and Celeb was possibility Evie would face bullying.

But the love of their daughter and the need to help other families facing the same road with their child won over. This young Sister Wives couple held nothing back.

For that Maddie and Celeb got virtual applause and a standing ovation from homes across the nation. Other parents thanked the couple as they found inspiration from Evie’s story while facing medical journeys with their own kids.

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